Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't stand a chance.

The jar of pickles in our fridge, don't stand a chance...

I bought them yesterday. YESTERDAY. And they are almost gone. Tonight I had the crazy urge to chase the pickles with diet orange soda. If I am not pregnant, I am going to be so embarrassed. Who eats an entire jar of pickles in two days??? Maybe a family of five. But not one woman. My "diet" started today too. I did ok. Besides the pickle problem. I was starving the whole time, but I tried to stick to smaller portions and had a Smart Ones for dinner. It's just hard, because this is a very stressful week. So much packing and organizing to do for the move this weekend, plus the anxiety over Friday's appt. I decided that I'm not even going to check my voicemail at work on Friday. I know the clinic will call me with the results, but I really don't want to know until I am home. Because if it's sad news, I just don't think I could get through my day at work. So, I'm gonna wait.

I'm kind of feeling blah and overwhelmed tonight. The one room with all my crap in it is a complete mess and I don't know where to start. I'm just exhausted already and the week just started. Mondays are no fun, especially Mondays after a vacation.

I want another pickle.


Amber said...

Just leave whatever you can for another time when you aren't so tired, and enjoy your pickles! I'm sure hoping it means good news is heading your way!

Moe said...

I am praying for your test results on Friday.

Good luck with your diet. Oh I know how much they stink. But as far as I don't have to feel guilty about the pickles...unless you're really watching your salt.

Hoping for some good news from you on Friday

Jennifer said...

Pickles don't last long in my fridge either. I love, love, love them.