Saturday, February 18, 2012


We are 30 weeks today!!!! And I almost forgot about it!! Today I went to my future SIL's bridal shower, so I was a little distracted :)

But WOW, 30 weeks! Pretty excited about it.

People were talking at the shower today about what if I go into labor at my brother's wedding. I'll be 34 weeks then and it will be St. Patricks Day! Butttt I'd rather that not happen :) That would be wayyyy to much drama and I'd like little Samantha to be fully cooked if possible :)

I was reading the 30 week "message" on and it was saying how I might notice my feet to swell more around now. How funny because today when I got home from the shower (I was wearing ballet flats) my feet were like three times their size when I got home! Months ago I bought a bigger pair of sneakers (8 or 8 1/2) and I'm usually a size 7. The ballet flats I wore today were a size 7, so I should have known better! But wow, I've never seen my feet that swollen before!


Good Timing said...

Happy 30 weeks!! :) time is flying by now hey?? Can't believe I'm almost 32 weeks and 8 months pregnant now! Won't be long before our babies are here. :)

Jenny said...

wow I can't believe you're 30 weeks pregnant!!! 10 to go!!! It will fly by.

I don't miss the swollen feet and hands. Mine were VERY bad (even my doc commented). I still can't wear my wedding rings *cries*
Sadly, my former size 7s are still a size 8 now...I think it's permanent. Oh well, it's a valid excuse to go shoe shopping :P

Mrs. H said...

You're so close. Time is going to just fly from here on out. Keeping my fingers crossed that baby Sam cooks for as long as possible and doesn't show for St. Patty's day.

E.F said...

Happy 30th! Getting close.

Rebecca said...

ooh getting closer. I hope that Samantha decides to go full term.