Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rhogam shot, glucose results and guilt?

Well, the high I was riding out from yesterday's good news (thank you for all the love btw!) was squashed a little this afternoon when I found out that I DO have gestational diabetes. Booooo :( Not great news, but I could have received even worse news this week and I didn't. So I guess I have to take the good with the bad here. It's a total bummer though.

I went to my (old) OB's office today to get the rhogam shot that I was nervous about. I had one after my miscarriage a few years ago and it HURT LIKE HELL. But when I got there it was my favorite nurse that called me back and I was happy about that. She just puts me at ease. And surprisingly she said she could give me the shot in the arm if I preferred instead of the bootie. Yes please! And it actually wasn't too bad. It hurt, but nothing crazy. She then told me how bummed she was that I was leaving them and wished me so much luck etc. I took that opportunity to tell her that she was my fav! :) I had asked her when my 3 hour glucose results would be back and she said she would probably be calling me this afternoon with them.

And she just called me with the results. FAILED. So bummed. She said I'll probably just have to test my blood sugar at home and change my diet a little. I'm going to try to avoid insulin shots like the plague. I am DONE with needles! I asked her if I could just see my thyroid doctor for all that because I like her a lot and she handles diabetes cases too. So, she's going to fax over my results to her and I'll have to call tomorrow and make an appointment for next week.

I just have to look at this as (hopefully) just a short term issue. I have 8-10 weeks left of this pregnancy. I can do this!!! Right?!

Thank you for all the love and support yesterday with our good news about Samantha :) It's strange my husband said to me when we got home " I kind of feel a little guilty saying to people that we are so relieved she's okay." And I totally know what he meant. Because I was sort of feeling that way too. We just want to be clear that no matter what type of special needs Samantha may have needed, we would have love love loved her just the same. But no one hopes that there baby may have issues, so I think we were just "relieved" for our baby. That she wouldn't have to struggle with all of that. I said to my husband, " I know what you mean, I sort of felt that way too, but we can't think like that." So I hope no one out there thinks that we wouldn't have loved her any different :)


K said...

Of course your feeling for her would not change with the diagnosis! We have a low PAPP-A score which means our baby could have some growth issues - makes no difference to how much we will love him, but every u/s that shows them at the correct development size is a relief.

Sorry about the GD diagnosis, good news is that it's only 8-10 weeks left, and I hope you can breeze through those. *Hugs*

Liz said...

It doesn't stink about the GD but it sounds like you have the right attitude about it. Look on the bright side, I have a friend who had it and she said the diet really helped to keep her weight down. She was pleased about that part. You can do anything for two months esp if it's for your girl!

And don't feel bad at all that you are relieved she is healthy. It's only natural that you would want your baby to not have health issues.

Good Timing said...

So grateful for the wonderful news about Miss Samantha yesterday! :) and don't worry, we all want a healthy baby, don't feel bad saying you are relieved, I'd be the same! And as for the GD, sometimes there is just nothing we can do!! Changing your diet is super easy if you remember to snack between meals and ensure you balance carbs with protein. You can do it! Let's hope neither of us need to do insulin! Thinking of you....and hang in there - we are definitely in the home stretch my friend! xoxo

ADSchill said...

Oh course we understand about Samantha!

And boo for GD! What's one more thing at this point right? I hope you are able to manage it well and your doctors are 'on it'.

Rebecca said...

Oh course you would have loved her no matter what. Sorry that you have GD. Hope it is easily controlled.

Gaffney said...

Always thinking of your sweet family. What a journey it continues to be. You can do this and you will because you already are and have to for that precious little peanut. So proud of you, what a time of growth for each of you. Best wishes these next few weeks. Loved the nursery pictures.

Stephanie said...

Aw man, I wish the GD results came back differently but at least you know and can make the necessary changes and monitor yourself to keep it in check. And of course you are relieved and I think that's totally normal. Only 8-10 weeks! It's going to go by so fast!

Faith said...

Of course we all know you love Samantha NO MATTER WHAT!! Many of us are parents and the love for our kids has NO bounds!

kkasun said...

Totally get it about Samantha! No need to explain, we all want the best for our kids!

Boo to GD, but thank goodness it isn't for too long!
Yea, two months or so to go!!!