Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby Shower Love

Yesterday was my baby shower! My Mom did a beautiful beautiful job with everything! From the cake to the theme to the decorations and favors. Of course my MIL and Step mom were involved with shower too but my was the creative mastermind behind it all.  Everything was just perfect. And of course a room full of 60 some odd people who love and support me wasn't too shabby either :) It was such a surreal day. I was a bit anxious and nervous because I'm totally not someone who likes to be the center of attention. So it took a little while to adjust.

Everyone was SO generous with gifts. I can honestly say this baby girl won't need any new clothes or shoes until she's two. I did give a little speech after we had brunch. I had typed it up because I knew if I didn't, I would forget everything. The speech was mainly thanking certain people for being there for us through all the infertility struggles. I just felt it was important for me to say these things because it has been such a struggle to get to this point. Amazingly, I didn't cry through it! I did get choked up but managed not to cry. 

My friends Kristen and Shannon were a HUGE help too in keeping track of gifts and organizing them. We joked that they will probably send us bill for Saturday because we had them working so hard! Now, we have a living room FULL of baby stuff and I am completely overwhelmed! I don't even know where to begin. I did set up some of the crib bedding today (which looks adorable) but I think it's still going to take a few weeks to get the nursery in order. We have lots of baby wash to do and some other little things here and there. I also need to buy storage bins and make a list of the things we still need. I know it will all come together but right now I am having trouble sleeping thinking of all the things to do and of course I still have the daily worry of I hope our baby girl is ok :( I think that has been bogging me down a bit in the past few days. I go from complete hopefulness and positivity to what if she's not okay...

We got sooo many lovely gifts! From cute outfits to the expensive necessities! I loved them all but a few of my favorite gifts were: wall decals from my mom for the nursery, a little Levi's jean jacket with "Samantha" sewn on the back, an adorable bib and little diaper booty cover with her name on it and a pretty fabulous diaper cake from friends Kristen and Shannon. 

I'm not going to lie, as amazing and beautiful yesterday was I still felt like impostor at my own shower! I was telling my friend later in the day about how much infertility effects me EVEN STILL now that I'm pregnant. For some reason, I didn't feel worthy enough for such a  beautiful day. Which I know is so messed up. But that's how I felt. I just don't know when I will stop feeling like this? When I hold her in my arms??? 

Towards the end of the shower my sweet husband came with a dozen lavender roses for me and one rose each for the Moms :)

One of the cards that I read that stood out to me was from my Aunt Rosemary. She reads my blog and knows that we have been referring to the baby as a little "peanut" ever since we learned about the "possible issues" she might be facing. Inside the card she wrote, " Remember that little peanuts have hard shells for protection." :)

I'll leave you with just a few pictures from the shower. None of me, of course, because I hate pictures of myself. Some were taken of me but I just can't post them, sorry! I went and had my hair styled yesterday at a salon before the shower and I didn't like the way it turned out. My hair ended up looking like a wanna be country music singer hairstyle. What exactly is that you ask? Well the girl curled it all then gave me one of those bumps at the tops of my head. Then she teased it and hair sprayed it all. Just wasn't happy with it and it made me feel worse about myself. 

So here are a few pictures of my big day! I can't believe we turned 7 mths yesterday too. Wow :) A big thank you (to those who were at the shower and read my blog) for helping to make yesterday so beautiful...

Fort Orange Club (where shower was held)

One of the many cute balloons

The mini-booties my Nana made for everyone to wear! White with pink ribbon...

The cake!

The favor! A pink bird egg (soap) in a nest!

One of these were on each table!
I gave this photo to my mom at Christmas. She attached it to  "A New
Little Princess" balloon at the shower


More presents!

I can't get this to rotate, but these were the centerpieces on each table. Real branches
with white and pink bird cut outs that people could write messages of advice and love on !
Complete with feather pens too!


Chon said...

Sarah it looked amazing! I have been thinking lots about your peanut and I honestly think everything is going to be ok. You are tiny, it makes sense your baby is going to be smaller and surely at the 12w scan they would have picked up the chromosomal / genetic issues? I keep thinking of people that take drugs and booze and don't eat properly the whole way through and they have perfectly normal babies. Fingers crossed that is yours too. xxxxxx

beauty and insanity wrapped into one said...

sorry baby A and i couldnt make it, but theres a lil something on the way, i had to take 1 thing outta the packaging to make it fit! looks like a beautiful party!

Samantha said...

You are SO worthy of such a beautiful celebration of your baby girl coming into the world and of you becoming a mom! You deserve every happiness.

The anxiety will definitely alieviate once you have Samantha in your arms. But I have to admit, I look at my girls every single day (they are 13 months now) and I still can't believe they are mine.

Rebecca said...

Wow, lots of loot and the cake looks so yummy! Where is my piece? J/K

Ashley said...

So cute! So happy you had such a wonderful shower. You and Samantha deserved to be pampered and loved on! :)

Mrs. H said...

I lvoe the center pieces and the little booties. Looks and sounds like it was a beautiful shower Sarah!

Faith said...

Wow, what a beautiful and perfect day! And you TOTALLY deserve every little bit of it! I remember being blown away by people's generosity with my babies. I had SIX showers for Jax, lol! Don't worry, you will get everything organized as it gets closer. Nesting will kick in and you will get it done in lightning speed time:).

kkasun said...

Wow what a beautiful shower!!!!!!!
Don't worry about getting it all done, you will nest at some point and it is ama;ng the drive, energy and determination you have to get everything done!!!!!!
Mine happened at 32-34 weeks, so maybe soon for you!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful shower! It looks like there was lots of love to fill the room. You totally deserved this and don't feel like an imposter! I know it's easier said than done, and honestly I kinda felt that way at mine too. I just wrote a post about how I STILL feel out of place at baby stores like I don't belong even though I have a 5 month old. Unfortunately I think IF will always be in the back of our heads. But we can't let it ruin such a wonderful miracle.

Good Timing said...

Wow, can your mom come help plan my shower too?? Everything just looked so lovely. I hope you enjoyed your special day,even though that bitch IF was in the back of your mind. Your adorable little girl is going to be one lucky princess!

Caroline F. said...

your shower looked so beautiful! great job to your mom and friends! you definitely deserve every bit of it!

Jenny said...

wow what a great job your mother did!

I know EXACTLY what you mean when you said it felt like you were an imposter. It does stop the moment she's in your arms but I do find I still have fleeting moments where I can't believe she's really mine forever :)

Joys Truly said...

What a lovely shower. And you were so not an imposter. Take your time with nesting and getting everything in order. Getting excited for Samantha's arrival!

Sailor's Sweetheart said...

Wow! What a beautiful baby shower!! You deserved every second of it. P.s. Love the peanut quote! I might have to steal that. :)

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