Friday, November 5, 2010

Tonight, the part of Pin Cushion will be played by Sarah...

Hi everyone! Just wanted to update my blog quick while I have a a computer. Borrowing my mom's for the night. Ours is still being fixed and it's been rough going without one for a week!! The computer tech guys called today and basically said our laptop is a p.o.s. Which it pretty much is. It's old, banged up and full of viruses and other problems. They did what they could but said the hardrive could crash anyday. So, we are hoping to at least get to Christmas with it. I rely on the internet so much! For bills, for email, for blogging, for FB stalking. haha.

This cycle is going "beautifully" the nurse said yesterday! Yay! Music to my ears. My lining is super thick and I have about four lead follicles. I go back on Monday for another appt and then they are thinking Tuesday for the IUI!!! Please let this be it! The shots have been a pain in the ass. Well, pain in the stomach I should say. I've become a pro at mixing the meds though, which is amazing because I hate even looking at needles. And if you were to watch me prepare the shots, you would think I graduated from nursing school! I guess I am in "do what I have to do" mode. I know this will all be worth it. A big thank you to my mom who has been giving me the shots everyday. That's one thing I know I couldn't do is give them to myself. I'd probably end up stabbing an organ or something. Or the needle would break off in my stomach or something weird like that. Not kidding, that's my luck :)

Speaking of luck, I received one of the nicest gifts from a friend/boss this week. She wrote me the sweetest letter and said that she was going through some of her old things and found something that might help me. As it was given to her by a friend a long time ago when she was going through a hard time. Enclosed in a jewelry case was a real four leaf clover. She told me she didn't need the luck anymore and that hopefully it will be of good use to me. And that I should pass it on, when I don't need it anymore. This really was one of the best gifts I've ever received. There are a lot of bad people in this world, but this gesture was a reminder that there are a lot more good people out there...

The gift I gave my mom's co-worker (mentioned in my last post) was well received. My mom said she cried and that she said " This is going to look beautiful on my little girl, and what I'm gonna do is save it for Sarah when she has her little girl." I'm so glad I did that. It felt so right.

It's been pretty busy the last few weeks. We are still unpacking and getting settled into the house. And I've been exhausted getting up extra early to go to appts every other day. Infertility and all it's baggage is so exhausting in every way! I really give all of you out there who are struggling with this, so much credit. Not to mention the overwhelming financial aspect of it!!!

I figured it out that if I have the IUI on Tuesday, after the 2ww, we would be getting the news right before Thanksgiving. Which is so exciting, and at the same time nervewrecking. I can't even describe how much I want this to work out. I don't want to be sad on Thanksgiving. I want to be giving thanks for so much more this year. Hopefully we will be :)

Maybe with the help of a four leaf clover...

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