Tuesday, April 5, 2011

B to the L to the A to the H

Blah. That's how I've been feeling. I haven't blogged in two days, yet it feels like an eternity! Anyone else get that feeling? Like if you haven't blogged in the past ten minutes, it feels like four years have passed? Exaggerating a bit of course.

I'm using my desk top right now. The one that takes a month to load a page. So I apologize if I'm slow on commenting. Commenting on just two or three blogs becomes painful when your computer is ancient and slow. Makes me feel like I'm standing in line at the DMV. :)

Thursday is my 32nd birthday. Holy crap. I just felt an egg die. ha! I'm actually not really worried about the whole "advanced maternal age" thing. I know I still have time, but what does bother me is having another babyless birthday. That hurts.

I was daydreaming today about taking a test the morning of my birthday, and it coming back positive and me being over-the-big-ole-moon happy :) But I do this to myself every year...get excited...then get disappointed...

I just want it to happen for us. I want to see two lines again. I want to be pregnant on my birthday.

When I blew out my candle last year on my birthday, I wished for a baby.

There must have been something wrong with that candle :)


Moe said...

Haha. I like that "there must have been something wrong with that candle".

Sorry it's a blah week. I hope you have a great birthday week and things turn around. I'm praying for you to get that BFP ASAP. :)

Marissa said...

Damn broken candles!

I'll light one for you on our cave s'mores. Maybe that'll do the trick?

Amanda said...

I have the same wish every year..I hope that dream of yours comes true soon.

Sorry you've been having a rough week. We all have them. But the good part is, they don't last forever. Wish I could give you a hug!

Carlia said...

love (and can relate to) your post title! that would be an awesome b-day present. i think i've been given trick candles for the past 8 birthdays. :\

Liz said...

Not sure if you are around this weekend, but would you like to meet for coffee/breakfast on Saturday? I will be in town and was thinking it would be nice. What do you think?

L said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that this year you get your wish :)

Liz said...

Once I saw that it was your birthday and didn't hear back right away, I kinda figured you had plans for the weekend.

I will be there again the first weekend in June, maybe we can get together then? Hope you had a great birthday weekend and that this year your wish comes true : )