Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quote of the Day

This morning, Matt and I were goofing around (play wrestling if you will) and after we both ended up on the floor he says...

"Ok, no more wrestling for you. You're supposed to be implanting."

LOL!!! So funny and cute! Outta the mouths of husbands....

Love him :)

It's a beautiful day here in NY! My cramping is gone and I'm back in positive/happy mode! I was over visiting my mom today and we were discussing the possibility of me testing on Mother's Day. She was shrieking in excitement over the possibility of me getting a BFP on Mother's day (of all days!). It excited me too, but I think I'm going to wait for the beta on the 12th. I think I'm just scared to put too much pressure on that day. So we'll see. But right now, the plan is too wait to get a BFP on the 12th rather than a BFP on Mother's Day. See how positive I'm being? :)

This cycle WILL work :)


JamieMoore said...

I think the 12th is a great day for a test because you don't want to put pressure all on Mother's Day.

I took 5 tests and the 5th one was the one that read positive even though I was 2 days late.

Great Quote!! I love it when guys worry and say the funniest things! Stay positive.

Marissa said...

Not that you asked, but I say celebrate Mother's Day like the pregnant (remember--pregnant until proven otherwise!) mommy that you are.

Eat pancakes and rub your belly. :D

Jenny said...

I don't blame you for don't want to risk a false negative just cause you tested too early...but I absolutely agree with PP about being pregnant until proven enjoy the day anyway :)
glad you're feeling better. During the 2ww after my IUIs and IVF my hubby would get worried if he thought I got up too quickly, sneezed, pretty much did anything but lie on the couch lol

Carpenters said...

I love that quote, too cute!
I am so proud of you for staying positive, I am sending lots of good vibes your way!
I think the 12th would be a great day for a BFP as well! : )
keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

Anonymous said...

I agree with waiting....a false positive on that day (of all days) would be heartwrenching, BUT your BFP that day would be a fabulous feeling :) Fingers crossed still!

Liz said...

I never can wait very long to test, but it would be hard to get a negative because you tested too early on Mother's Day. Enjoy it. I'm glad you are feeling so positive and enjoying all the sunshine we are finally getting. Living in NY really makes you appreciate when spring does show up. You sound like you are doing great!