Monday, April 11, 2011

A Post Preview

Hi Girls.

Still here. Since I'm too drained to write a real post tonight, here is a sneak peek of a post to come. So lame, I know. :)

-CD 1 is today! Kind of excited and hopeful. Cramps are killing me right now though.
-Ordering injectible medication refills is like the Olympics. Lots of hoop jumping involved! Ugh.
-$$/insurance problems with the RE office earlier in the day. Its all good now. But wasn't all good about 5 hours ago. Thanks to my wonderful husband for taking care of that one!
-The pharmacy with my Lupron refill called and told me they ran out. How does a fertility pharmacy run out of Lupron?? Don't get it. So now I am waiting to hear where I can get my Lupron from. Need it by Wednesday, people!!
-I think summer has arrived today in NY, because it's like a gazillion degrees and humid. Not complaining. The heat is just shocking though after a longgggg coldddd winter.
-Had to get my brakes fixed on Sunday. $70 bucks. Do you hear that? That's the sound of an empty wallet...
-Today I was reminded of how some people are just so kind. Two of my friends at work offered to lend us money to fix the insurance problem. Can you believe that? I could never take their money..but it was so sweet that I almost cried :)
-My RE appt is on Wednesday hoping and praying that they don't find a cyst! I REALLY don't want to sit this cycle out :( But if all is good in ovary world, Wednesday will start our second injectible cycle with our third IUI. AHHHHH!!!! :)

Birthday shout out- Happy Birthday to my cousin Jenny and my friend Shawna!


Moe said...

praying for you friend!!! I'm sorry you had a sucky day - but I'm glad you have such great people in your life. :)

Josey said...

Lots of exciting news in this post!! Praying that this cycle is a go and it's the last one you'll need to do for a LONG time!

Sailor's Sweetheart said...

Yesterday was CD1 for me as well! :) Greater things are on it's way for the both of us!!