Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting knocked up with style...

A big thank you over to Carlia at The Stork Drop Zone for this lovely award!!! :) She's also going to be my 2ww buddy this month! Woo-hoo!!

The guidelines for this award is as follows:

-Make an honorable mention of the stylish chic who gave you the award.
-Share seven things about yourself.
-Pass the award on. Nominate ten more stylish chics.

Ok, so seven things about lil old me...

1) I happen to love country music. But more so in the spring/summer. Not too crazy about anything too "twangy" though. My fav song right now is Keith Urban's "Without You."

2) My new years resolution (almost 5 months late) is to starting putting more pictures into frames and displaying them. I have so many pictures and so many frames, but can't seem to focus on actually accomplishing the task. Same goes with our wedding album. If you walked into our place right now, you might think we are family/friend-less. Besides one lone wedding pic. I've got to get on this asap!

3)We have a Goldfish named Walter. We got him at the fair about two years ago and we were about 95% sure that he would die within a month. But nope, still swimmin! He's massive too. We actually won three fish at the fair. So we named them "Walter and his hoes" :) But the hoes died within a few weeks. Our maturity level is not that high as you can see.

4)I'm addicted to the show "I Survived" on the Bio channel. I get really excited when there's an "I Survived" marathon. The stories are pretty horrific, but the silver lining in it all is THEY SURVIVED :) So through the whole show I'm like " Ohhhh myy Godddd" and hanging on in suspense. Why there's suspense, I don't know. The title of the show gives it away. They all SURVIVE. :) Still...I watch...and enjoy...

5)I put way too much sugar in my iced coffee. So unhealthy, I know. But I almost like so much sugar that the granules come up through the straw. Bad on so many levels...but ohhhhh so good...

6)I absolutely hate ironing. I'm horrible at it! When I was about 14 or so I wanted to make a little money so my sweet Uncle Jim (who's passed away since then) offered to pay me to iron his shirts one day. His shirts came out even more wrinkled after I was done with them. But he didn't complain and still paid me :)

7)When I lived in Hawaii and visited Maui for the weekend. I stalked Oprah's farm house. Took some pictures too. Couldn't get super close, but spent a few good hours on dirt roads looking for it. I was secretly hoping she would drive by and invite me up to brunch at the farm with Gayle and Steadman. ha.

I, hereby, nominate other Stylish Blogger chics:

(Did I sound official?) :)

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Go ahead, girls. Own your style. Write your style. Love your

Monitoring appt bright and early tomorrow. Thursday has to be go time, so I'm really hoping for one or two over-achievers...:)


Amanda said...

LOL, stalking Oprah's house..that's sooo something I would do :)

GL tomorrow!! Can't wait to hear how those over-achievers are doing!

Moe said...

awwww thank you for passing that to me girlie. I'm praying for your IUI on thursday. sending you very very good vibes. i promise.

Carlia said...

#s 3 & 4 cracked me up! overall, an awesome list of tidbits about you. :) good luck tomorrow! i'll definitely be thinking about you and sending you super fertile thoughts.

Carpenters said...

Thanks so much! You are too sweet, and I love this post...especially Walter and his hoes...that sounds just like my husband and I lol.

Good luck!!!!

We are going for (the 2nd month in a row) our next round of follicle scans....hopefully this month will be great with timing (can't do it on a sunday...which is what happened last month!).

Praying for you and hugs!! Thanks for the honor : ) this is my first!

Liz said...

Thanks for the award. I have to laugh because my hubby's name is Walter and when I think of the name I think of an old man, not a pimp goldfish with his hoes. Maybe part of the old man thing is that my Walt is the 4th, so he was named after a bunch of old men. He goes by Walt and his dad is Walter. I don't think we'll be carrying on that tradition. Hope your IUI works, slow and steady wins the race.