Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Letter to Aunt Flow

Dear AF,

I'm really trying to discard my negative energy to this whole process, but you are making it wicked hard to do that at this moment. Today is cycle day 37 and I'm really curious to know WHERE THE EFF ARE YOU?! I've been having moderate cramps for the past few days on and off, so I know you must be en route. Right? No other sign yet though, no usual spotting...nothing. And as you probably planned it, I was a sucker and took two pregnancy tests this week, which came back neg-o. Usually getting a neg-o result makes you appear like magic. So what's up? Is it stress that's causing your delay? Did you miss the bus? Let me know what I can do to help you arrive here. Is it possible the anesthesia I received last Friday has you confused? Maybe I'll Google that. I really would like to stop thinking there is a small possibility that the tests were a false negative, so please put me out of my misery. Plus, we would like to start on our next monitored/medicated cycle.

Please and thank you,
Sarah Jane


cgd said...

OMG. I could have written this post myself. Today is CD 38, 2 neg preggo tests, and no sighn of my period. I am having on and off cramps/pms, but it is very inconsistent and today I had lovely hot flashes (really???). My RE's office is blaming it on my body trying to rebound after ivf. Either way, I go in on Friday to get some bloods taken and find out the hell is going on in there.
wishing periods for both us very soon....

Lauren said...

I hope AF shows up asap. I know you are quite serious about your desire for her to arrive, however your blog post did make smile since you were writing a letter to AF. I don't think it's negative energy, just your wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor coming out :) I'll pray for a speedy arrival though!

Jennifer Bruno said...

I feel for you. I hope she shows up soon!

JamieMoore said...

I just stumbled upon you blog and Love this post!!! I couldnt stop laughing. I remember thinking all of these things just before I got pregnant. LOL Now my baby girl is 2 months old and I am not looking forward to the visit of AF LOL I hope she arrives soon for you!!
I look forward to following along with your blog.

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