Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where art thou?

I got nothin'. AF still isn't here. And I miscalculated yesterday with my CD, today is cycle day 39. Yes, you read that right...thirty-freakin-nine! It's so weird. I don't have cramps all day but then after I eat dinner, I get really crampy. And they definitely feel like AF cramps. But then they are gone. I'm not sure if I've ever had this long of cycle before. Possibly. But I haven't always charted my cycles. Sometimes it takes awhile to get here, but there is always spotting beforehand. So, I'm still in the wait and see...

I was just watching Entertainment Tonight, and there was a boat load of celebrity pregnancy/baby announcements. Wow. Stings. I'm not sure why it stings, I don't know these people. But I think it might be because they live these glamorous lives and are swimming in money and now they are blessed with babies. I'm not saying they don't deserve motherhood or anything, but it just stings. The media makes it sound so light and easy, like the celebrity walked into Baby Gap and became pregnant. Although, I know that's not the case for some of them. I'm sure some of them have struggled, too.

One of the little girls in my class, threw up on my hand today. Yup. :) That's a little random fact from my day that I thought I'd share...

Positive thoughts for the day:
-We have an official move date! The weekend of Valentine's Day. What better way to show your love, right?
-I did a short online meditation last night. It was tough to focus, but at least I tried.
-I love my husband. And I really love laughing with him. But I really REALLY love that we can laugh together, even when times are tough.
-The weekend is almost here!

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
~Frederick Keonig


Faith said...

Hey Girl! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am so glad my story gives you hope. I was once in your shoes, wondering if/when my miracle would ever come. And, as you can see, THEY came in full!! Yours will too. Until then, take good care of yourself! I will be hoping and praying fo r you!

Kristen said...

I'm SO incredibly proud of you!!! Just wanted to let you know <3

Moe said...

Did you puke back on her after she vomited in your hand? That's what I would have done....and it wouldn't have been on purpose. ;)

manymanymoons said...

I'm having trouble viewing your blog on my work computer for some reason (maybe a sign I should be working!).  The header comes up but not the text…hmmm.  I think it’s my settings or something.  Anyway, I’m commenting from my phone. 
I was just talking about the celebrity baby outbreak last week…what the hell! 
I’m so sorry that your cycle is going for a world record.  I’ll be praying AF shows up soon and with a vengeance (which doesn’t sound like a positive thing but I think this time around it would be a relief to you). 
Nothing like a little vomit in your hand to get your weekend off to a good start! 

cgd said...

wow. I finally got my period yesterday, on day 39!! what is your RE saying? I was told to come in on cd 40 if my period had not arrived. I think perhpas its time for some labs to see what is going on in there
Hoping for her arrival very soon.
hang in there...

Christa said...

You have a lot of great stuff going on right now and I agree, Valentine's Day rocks! Hey I gave you a blog award too, so you're welcome to come check it out on my most recent post if you'd like!