Friday, January 21, 2011

What's Next?

I want to start off by sending a BIG congrats to Jennifer over at Thoughts from a Blonde!!! Just this week they were able to finally bring home their adopted baby blessing! A beautiful baby girl! Congrats to them, they sure do deserve this happiness!! :)

Today was my dreaded colonoscopy! And I am SO glad it's over. Everything went fine and it was just as everyone said it would be that the prep would be the worst part. I was freaking out about the anesthesia and the procedure itself, but it all turned out to be ok. I came home...ate something...and napped for about 3 hours! By the time I woke up I was so confused as to if it was morning or night. As far as the dr could tell, everything is fine. He did take two biopsies, but said I didn't appear to have Crohn's disease. Which is good news! But honestly, a small part of me was hoping for a different answer. I mean I DO NOT want to have crohns disease, but I thought if I did maybe it would provide some answers to my infertility. Because I have heard Crohns can effect that. But I am very thankful that all these tests and procedures are coming back negative. Maybe things are finally starting to turn around for us...

I'm starting to think about "What's next?" in the baby makin department. I really want get us going again with treatments, now that some of my health concerns have been kicked to the curb. I took a pregnancy test on Thursday morning. Negative :( I remember when I was at the GI dr I asked the nurse if they do colonoscopys on pregnant women and she said no, that it can cause complications. So I wanted to just check and make sure before the procedure today, and of course I'm not pregnant. AF should be making her lovely arrival anyday now...

I think our plan is going to be to just use OPK's for this next cycle, save some money and prepare for another injectibles cyle with an IUI for the end of February. Seems so far away :( But at least we are getting some kind of plan together.

Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned we might be moving, due to financial stuff and our poor dog getting killed out front? Well, it's happening. And we are so relieved. We found a nice apt in a nearby town, that is almost half of what we are paying now. We really are doing this to better our financial situation. Less stress and we can finally start saving some money to do fun things, pay off bills and save to make and or adopt a baby. Plus, hubby may be getting a new job at some point with the town we are moving to, and if that happens, we have to live there. So this move will be good for us.

Time to lay back down. Still feeling a little tired and groggy from today.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

"For everything you have missed, you have gained something else; And for everything you gain you lose something else. It is about your outlook towards life. You can either regret or rejoice."

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Moe said...

So glad to hear that it sounds like you don't have Crohn's. That is great news. I just wish that you could get some answers for the fertility troubles.

I'm praying for you!!!! :)