Sunday, May 1, 2011

All About Acronyms

I've been having fun with acronyms lately. Especially on this blog. Every couple days I learn a new one from just simply reading all of your blogs. Some make me giggle. And some take me a minute to figure out what it stands for...:)

Some recent favorites:

HFS!- (Holy F****** Shit!)I believe either Amanda or Josey made this one up! Either way, I love it!

ASAFP- (As soon as f****** possible) Invented by me. I know, I really should watch my mouth.

LHS- (Left Hand Accessory) Made this one up for my bloggy friend Moe!

PUPO- (Pregnant until proven otherwise) I see this one on blogs all the time and the first time I saw it it took me a minute to figure it out haha

And I made up a new one today...

PAUIMB- (Progesterone all up in my biz) In honor of day one of my progesterone suppositories. Fun times.

What are some of your favorite acronyms? Do share :)

Thanks for all the supportive comments girls! I think I am going to act like I'm PUPO :)

Caffiene question: How many of you avoid caffiene during the 2ww?? I don't think I can cut it out completely just yet. Come May 12th, I def will. But I don't know...what do you guys think? It's funny because my RE office has a Keurig station in the waiting room. Loeaded up with all different kinds of tea and coffee. And I always find it funny, since I know a lot women tend to avoid caffiene while in the 2ww or pregnant. So what should I do? Cut out caffiene or cut back?


Josey said...

HFS is me all the way.:) no idea how it started!

Baby Hopes said...

WTF and WTH tend to find their way into my posts more than I ever thought they would. I apparently need to clean up my mouth...

I'm staying away from caffeine all together just to be sure. I tend, however, to take recommendations to the extreme. I would say do what you can and feel comfortable with, but don't take it to the point that it becomes stressful.

Thanks for the encouraging comment!!!

Jenny said...

oh those much fun lol

I don't drink coffee but I've had a cuppa tea every morning since I was about 5 years old. I decided to cut it off cold turkey the day I started stims. I had a withdrawal headache for a couple of days but after that I was fine. I didn't have another real cup (with caffeine) until about a month ago...and I've maybe only had 3 since then. I guess it depends on how much you consume now...if it's just a little bit try and cut it off but if it's a lot don't go cold turkey! Good luck!

Faith said...

LOL, you are a riot!

I did not even cut out all caffeine when pregnant. After years of infertility and 2 miscarriages (after I followed ALL the rules), I realized that what is going to happen, is going to happen. Caffeine in moderation is perfectly fine for a fetus (I read a lot of studies, so I know what some say, but I trusted my OB and RE), my daughter is beautiful and perfect, and I had the equivalent of one cup of coffee a day probably most days I was pregnant with her. Well, I had less than that during the first tri (but not during the 2ww because I wasn't ttc and didn't know I was pregnant!). I would say keep it in moderation right now and then WHEN you find out you are pg on May 12, cut back and keep it out of your diet for the first tri. That would be my advice:).

Moe said...

progesterone suppositories?? oh sweet jesus...the things you're having to go through. :(

I love the HFS one. hehe.

Anonymous said...

I was told if you are going to avoid it, then do so the whole time you are TTC. It stays in your system and so if you are drinking it at all, cutting it out for the 2WW isn't really going to make a huge difference.
However, RE1 and RE2 both said one cup of hot tea a day is okay (bc the level is so low) and 3 cups of coffee a week.
I drink a cup of de-caff hot tea everyday...

Carlia said...

awesome acronyms! they cracked me up. i used to give up caffeine for the 2ww, but i decided to just nip it in the bud this time. i quit cold turkey back in january. it was tough, but i don't really crave it anymore. except when i talk about it, apparently, because i can hear a coke zero calling my name now. ugh!

Amanda said...

LOL, yup, credit Josey with HFS. It's definitely one of my faves though :)

So funny that your clinic has a coffee machine. Not very common in a fertility clinic I'm sure!

During my first few TWW, I avoided it completely, but my RE and even my naturopathic doc said a cup a day is totally fine. Up to you though!

The acronym that totally stumped me was the IVF TWW one...example, 4dp5dt. WTH? Took some googling before I figured that one out ;)

beauty and insanity wrapped into one said...

good call on dropping of the caffeine bus... im not in the same boat but my ob dr did tell us that caffeine had a connection to miscarriage, so i cut it out asap!!... nothing wrong with a lil decaf coffee or frapaccino once in a while!!! its my lil treat! especially since its finals!!