Saturday, July 2, 2011

Queen for a day. Oh okayyy, Queen for just one post...

A big thank you to Queen Carlia from The Stork Drop Zone, for crowning me with an "Overlord Award." (Picture me curtsy-ing).

My name (Sarah) actually means "Princess." My mom totally set me up to be high maintenance...

This is a fun award! With your new found royalty and power you must come up with 3 new rules...

And then pass it on to a few other loyal subjects (blog friends)! :)

I now proclaim that these 3 new rules are, in fact, awesome.

Rule #1- Those who do not say "Thank you" to the stranger holding the door for you, shall be silenced forever. By way of some magic spell performed by my personal assistant (AKA a sorcerer). You can't say a simple "Thank you"? Then you don't get to speak for the rest of your life. Basic manners must be used at all times. It's amazing how rude people are sometimes.

Rule #2- I hereby claim October 1st as "Genie in a bottle" day. It will be a worldwide holiday, where a bottle shows up in your mailbox and Christina Aguilera jumps out and grants you three wishes. Why October 1st? Because it's my favorite month. Why Christina Aguilera? Because she sings that "Genie in a bottle" song. There will also be a button to push to silence her if you can't stand her. But make sure you get your wishes granted first.

Rule #3- Every castle (home) shall have an antique phone attached to the kitchen wall. You know the kind where you hold a little cup to your ear and one to your mouth and then push a lever to speak to the operator? That kind. Then the operator who has a fabulous british accent will connect your call. Free of charge. The special thing about this phone is that it only makes calls to Heaven to speak to family or friends who you might be missing.

I now bestow the Overlord Award to...

Honeybee @ A Honeybee and her Seabee
Moe@ Love You A Million
Marissa@ Eggs in a Basketcase
Blog friend @ A Miracle 4 Us
Liz @ Compromised Fertility
E @ Many Many Moons
Amanda @ Our Fertility Journey
Jes G @ all i ever wished for

(Sorry for not attaching the blog links and if you've already received this award!)


manymanymoons said...

I'm gonna love this. In my heart i have always felt like I should be in charge and this just makes it official! :) Thanks for passing the power along. :)

Honeybee said...

yay, i've always wanted to be queen of the world! :) haha.. thanks much girl!

Moe said...

awwwwww how fun! thank you!! :) i laughed so hard at your rules. can't wait to come up with some. muahahahaha.