Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby Advice from 1969


Someone gave my Mom this baby book a longggg time ago. The book is dated 1969 (the original date it was published) but the printing of this one is 1977. I was born in 1979. This thing is an antique! haha It looks like it just step out of 1969 and it smells like it. You know that old book smell? Which I kind of like for some weird reason. Anyways, my mom gave it to me. Not to actually follow any advice in it but just to have as a keepsake sort of thing. She and I got a good laugh reading through some of it. Because of course SO much has changed since the 60's!!! We especially got a kick out of the parts referring to the Dads. Read on for a laugh....

Chapter 6
Title: Your Part Before and After Delivery: The Father's Waiting Period

"After your arrival at the hospital, your husband may be told that it will be many hours before delivery. Your doctor may advise him to go back to the office or home and keep in touch with the hospital. Some hospitals permit the husband to stay with his wife during labor. Others do not. 
However it isn't necessary for your husband to be there. You will be sleeping some of the time and many doctors feel you will relax more and rest better if your husband is not present. But find out the hospital's policy regarding this beforehand. Always avoid last minute decisions. Hastily made decisions have a tendency to leave you upset." 

Chapter 8
Title: Baby's First 6 Weeks: A Helping Hand

"You might find it reassuring and helpful to have someone help you with the housework for a week or so after you leave the hospital. Make sure she understands that she's to do the housework  while you take care of the baby. Otherwise, you might find yourself peeling the potatoes  and your mother in law or hired help are looking after the baby. Grandmother's are especially handy  when there's a new baby in the house, although their older ideas on infant care may conflict with the instructions your doctor has given you. Be tactful but frank in telling Grandma that the doctor prefers you do it this way, and that's how you are going to do it." 

Title: Baby's First 6 Weeks: The New Father

"Your household may seem rather strange at first. It may have doubled in size with the new baby and Grandmother. If this is true, give special thought and consideration to your husband, the new father. Make certain that he doesn't feel left out of the excitement. You must remember this is all new for him also. Occasionally, a new father may feel a little resentful over all the attention the mother must pay to the baby. Part of this feeling could be jealousy, but part of it may be because he would actually like to help you with caring for the baby. If Father's willing, he might take care of Baby while you're busy fixing dinner or doing some of the household chores. Don't be alarmed if father doesn't seem excited about caring for the baby.  At first, the new father may be reluctant to do any more than look at the new baby.  Don't be pushy; just give them time to get acquainted.  Don't forget, the husband hasn't been as close to the baby as you have all these months. He generally hasn't had as much experience with babies as you've had. Naturally, anything as tiny, fragile, and precious as your child is bound to frighten him a little. Most of a new father's education in child care comes from watching you.  So, be careful not to lose your patience when he seems to get underfoot while you're trying to change or bathe the baby.  Remember, with a bit of instruction, any father can give Baby a bottle, or a bath, or learn to change a diaper. However don't be surprised if he objects to changing when there's a stool in the diaper." 

Are you laughing? :) There are so many other funny things in this book. Basically, what I took away from it is:

-Give birth alone.
-The day after the baby is born be prepared to put on an apron and make that meatloaf, dammit!
-Do all the dirty work. Because Dad may not want to. 

This book is a dinosaur. But in a way I think it's kind of cool to see the difference between "advice and expectations" then and now. Funny, a lot has changed but also a lot has not :) 

ps-Happy Birthday to my Aunt Janie! :) Here's a photo of Sam while we were celebrating my Aunt's birthday. Did you really think I was gonna have a post go by without a picture of my girl??? :)


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Lauren said...

hahahahahahaha that's awesome. Amazing how things have changed (well sort of changed)!

Ruth said...

Lol! My mom is also always giving me antique books. Like the one she gave me on natural childbirth talked about all these outdated procedures that no hospital even does anymore! And then when I told her we weren't going to circumcise, she gave me this book from the 70's that basically said that boys "should look like everyone else in the neighborhood." Um, isn't that segregation? Yes, a lot of advice has changed. When I visited my parents they kept trying to convince me to let the baby taste a little french fries or ice cream and he was only 11 weeks old!!!

carlia said...

that is hilarious! kind of a cool keepsake, too. :)

Good Timing said...

Lol that's great! Love old books and things like that!

Rebecca said...

Wait you mean things have changed? I think my husband read this manual because he and have had the talk about what he is to help out with around the house and the baby if there ever is one. (Had the talk during IVFs). He is thinking he would be afraid to diaper and touch the baby. Like I said I think he read this manual!

Amber said...

I love that!!! Now, I want to read the whole book. I'm pretty much on the exact opposite side of traditional, so I bet nothing in that book would apply to my family. :) Thanks for sharing!!!

J o s e y said...

Classic. :) Goes to show you that listening to others isn't the best advice - go with your gut!

Kristen said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA wow... I am gonna have to read these to Ben! Lol

Sarah and Derek said...

These really crack me up. 'Some hospitals permit the husband to stay with the wife during labor. Some do not'. HA!