Friday, August 24, 2012

Little "Bow" Peep

I have a new little  obsession  hobby. Making headbands for Sam! Because let's face it, she's probably going to be bald until she's two like I was. And they are super cute. Well, I think so anyways. Nothing like a big obnoxious bow atop a baby's bald head to make me melt.

I love Etsy. Love, love, love. However, it can get expensive to keep ordering headbands. You have to pay for the headband and shipping. Some of them I have ordered, after inspecting how it was put together, I thought I could give it a try! And it's super easy. Well, the way I do it anyways. I know some Etsy peeps actually hand make the flower or bow for the headband, but I'm not that cool. Here's what I do:

What you'll need:
-Go to craft store (love me a craft store, btw)
-Purchase pack of stretchy lace or headband material
-Purchase big flower or bow (I usually search for ones on clearance first)
-Purchase some felt (I buy felt that matched the headband, so since I used white lace I used white felt)
-And I like to add a little somethin' somethin' to the middle of the flower (so I search the store for fun things like buttons, jewels, little painted wooden letters and such)
-You will need a glue gun also

How to:

-If you can, roughly measure the child's head. As in just wrap the lace around the little noggin to see where you need to cut it.
-Use glue gun to glue embellishment (button, jewel, etc) onto the middle of the flower.
-Cut two small square pieces of felt that will fit the width of the lace at the end. Hot glue the end of lace to a felt square. Then loop around the other end of the lace and press that into the end you just glued. Then take the other felt square and put a little hot glue on it and place it on top of the lace ends. This way the soft felt side will be on baby's head and the other side of felt will be the base to glue the flower on.
-Next, put some hot glue on back of flower or bow and press it onto the "base" piece of felt.

And that's it, you have a "homemade" headband!

I made one for Samantha and her buddy Kaya :)

ps- Thanks to everyone who commented on my "Paging Dr. Blogger" post. I think I am going to slow it down with the solids. I really think it is giving her gas pains. So, I'm just going to do one a day and see how that goes...


Stephanie said...

These are so cute!! I agree, I love etsy but you can still end up spending a pretty penny after shipping. On the flip side, maybe you could start your own etsy store!

Liz said...

Your headbands are beautiful!

Lauren said...

Love the headbands, they look so cute on her!! I think you should try to sell them on Etsy too! :)

Good Timing said...

These are awesome,good job! Plus you have a super cute model!

Thanks for participating in my positive post! Your compliment made me blush! Isn't it hard to write nice things about yourself??

What I like about you: your positivity! You've been through so much, IF, a difficult pregnancy, Sam's early arrival and NICU and colic..... Sheesh! Yet here you are making the best of every moment, even if it's hard. xoxo

Rebecca said...

Have you thought about opening your own ETSY shop? These are so cute!

Joys Truly said...

Love those! Good to know if I have a girl they are easy to make!

Kristen said...

You never cease to amaze me with your thoughtfulness and creativity!! I really want to try to make some for Kaya too! And THANK YOU AGAIN for making Kaya a matching headband! I seriously cannot wait until we take their picture with their matching headbands! :)

Amber said...

Those are AMAZING!!! If I could get Paisley to wear headbands still, I'd be begging you to make me a ton of them!!!