Monday, August 27, 2012

Showin' off

Today, our sweet Sam had her appointment with the pediatric development doctor. Every preemie (well at at the hospital she was at) requires each baby to see a developmental doctor a few months after they are discharged. Just to see where they are at developmentally. I was a little nervous. I am a Googler. So when I am worried about something Sam is or isn't doing I Google it and that is such a bad thing to do! I'm so great at telling other Mom's to stay the heck away from Google and can't seem to take my own advice. Months ago I was a little more worried when Sam didn't really seem to be smiling. But of course she is smiling all the time now. It's awesome.

I was just interested in hearing what they had to say. Turns out, my little girl is a show off!! She did great with all the little activities they did with her. Throughout most of it she was smiling and being social, although in true Sam style she did have a few bouts of fussiness. But in her defense, it was time to eat so we had to take a little snack break. The doctor held her under her arms to see if she would stand and she stood right up with her strong little legs and gave the doc a huge smile as if saying" What's up now, Doc! Check it outtt!" The doctor said to her " Oh now, you are just showing off!" :)

She got mostly a great report, with the only concern being that she doesn't seem to turn her head completely to the left. They think this might be a mild case of Torticollis. So she showed me a few stretching exercises I can do with her to help it. Also, we had a talk about her fussiness (I was concerned) but the doctor didn't seem to be. She said that because she was a preemie her nervous system is still developing and what she needs is just time. Which makes sense because she has gotten SO much better than the all day and night crying episodes in the beginning. She also believes the reflux is a big factor in the fussiness. She explained this more and I guess I didn't realize how much reflux can impact a baby's behavior. I thought it was just like the heartburn us adults feel. But for babies, it effects everything. Their body movements, eating habits, mood, etc. Overall, Sam is right on track with her adjusted age. The doctor told me not to be discouraged if she's hanging out with other babies her age and the other babies are doing this or that. Which I've been good about not feeling discouraged about things like that. My girl came two months early. TWO MONTHS she should have still been growing in my womb. That's a pretty big deal. I think our Sam is doing great. My mom came with me to the appointment today (Thank goodness!) because my husband couldn't get out of work. But she and I were just beaming at Sam showing off to the doctors. A proud Mom and a proud Nana :)

Samantha has to go back in December for a follow up. Oh my God, December?? She'll be like 14 then! Time is truly flying by. She will be half a year old next week!!! Yeah, you read that right, HALF A YEAR OLD...:( I'm sad because I look into her beautiful little baby face and just want time to stand still. Yet, another part of me can't wait to see her grow up too!!

Can I just tell you how excited I am that my BFF is due in about TWO WEEKS!!!! Sheeeee on the other hand is getting a little nervous :) But I know she is going to do great!! This girl was born to be a Mommy and in two weeks (give or take) everything will be as it should be :) Ohhhh great. I'm getting teary eyed. You would think I am preggo again with the way my emotions have been lately....

NOOOO, I am not pregnant....:) I couldn't even do Tori Spelling style if I tried.

Ahh, shit. Just saw my husband on the video monitor in Sam's room giving her a kiss in the head while she's sleeping (three to be exact) and put his hand on her chest to make sure she was breathing. Teary eyed...again :)


Samantha said...

I'm so glad Sam's appointment went well! She's a star.

As you know, my emotions were overflowing when my BFF had her baby last week. You're not alone in that department!!!! For about 24 hours I was convinced that I wanted another baby immediately lol. Then I had a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and I started to reconsider lolol.

Stephanie said...

Glad everything went great with her appointment! You'll have another little one to tie you over for a while and tell you ARE ready to do it Tori Spelling style, haha! What a sweet daddy he is, loving on his girl while she sleeps. :)

Lauren said...

That's so great to hear Samantha is doing so well! I can't believe she's going to be 6 months soon. So exciting that Sam's BFF is going to be here soon too, I'm sure K will do great!

Faith said...

YAY for Sam! Such a superstar:). LOVE the last story about daddy checking on her - so sweet!