Sunday, March 6, 2011

50 is Nifty

I now have 50 people following my blog! And there still could be some lurkers out there :) It's just amazing to me that people are actually interested in what I have to say. Thanks for being with me on the good days, the bad days, and the really bad days. Your support means so much! So thanks for sticking around :) I think I'm going to participate in the next ICLW (International Comment Leaving Week) at the end of March. This allows more people to find me and for me to reach out to other bloggers. So I'm going to give it a whirl.

Last night I also stumbled upon the blogger "stats" button. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I didnt even know it was up there. I clicked on it and I was AMAZED. It tells you how many people have viewed your blog, in what countries, at what time. I was in awe. I've had over 10,000 views or something like that. And people viewing from all around the world. Malaysia, Japan, Russia. All over the place. I guess I've always known that since my blog is public, anyone anywhere could see it. But it's just shocking that those people may have come back more than once. Which in a way is cool, but why not become an official follower of the blog instead of creepin' in and out :) I know we all have tons of people reading our blogs, but I was just in shock last night to see the actual stats on the screen. So thanks, Blogger, for that fabulous tool...

Did I tell you we got our official Adoption packet in the mail the other day? I looked through it briefly and delicately. I was almost afraid to touch the papers, I was being very careful with them. It was exciting to get the packet, but overwhelming too. I was almost reading the "Fee" page behind covered eyes. We can't start anything until September anyways, but I just want to be prepared when the time comes...

Nothing really to report yet. AF is a few days late but I've been having cramping on and off. Haven't officially decided what we are going to do with this next cycle. Probably will try a non-medicated with trigger and IUI. But if my numbers arent looking good after a few RE visits, then we'll probably cancel that cycle too. My birthday is April 7th. And I've already been thinking about how wonderful it would be to be pregnant on my birthday. I go through this every year. But maybe this year will be my year :)

Our house smells amazing today. This morning I made cinnamon rolls (which were heaven btw!) and I had to make cinnamon muffins for a thing at work tomorrow. The overpowering scent of cinnamon is very much welcome. Considering we made cheddar cheese popcorn the other night that smelled (and tasted) like a combination between feet and vomit. Ew.

Speaking of smells, hubby and I had a random funny converstation the other night:

Hubby: " You know another reason why I love you so much? Because you always smell good."

Me: (Laughing)

Hubby: "Well, except for when you get home from work."

Me: (Laughing) "What?! What do I smell like then? Kid poop? Kid vomit?"

Hubby: (Laughing) "Noooo, you smell like a school. You know, the way schools smell. A hospital type of smell."

Me: (Lauging) " A school smell? I can't smell it!"

So, now I'm curious does anyone else recognize this school smell? Do you guys think schools have a distinct smell? I know what hospitals smell like (yuck) but never really sniffed a school haha

I got a really nice fb email from my friend "N" from high school. And it really touched my heart. She reads my blog and had even struggled with some IF with her first child. She is now pregnant with her second. You know those moments that happen where your like " Wow, there really are some good good people out there"? Well, that was this kind of moment for me. She had said that she delayed her pregnancy fb announcement because she didn't want to hurt my feelings. I feel horrible about this, but how sweet of her to even think of me! Then she asked for my address because she wants to send us her stash of ovulation tests and pregnancy tests. Wow. :) I can't wait until I'm holding my baby someday and I can reach out to someone who's having trouble and say " How can I help make it better?" I get excited thinking about donating any leftover meds, or tests, or fertility statues, or bedazzled pill boxes. I will want to help other IF girls out there in any way that I can! So, thank you "N" for making my day :)


Marissa said...

As soon as I get my beta, I plan on donating my leftover antagonist shot. It's all I have, but I'm looking forward to it. My clinic gave me a bunch of donated stuff and it meant the world to me. I'm happy to be able to pay it forward now. :) And soon you will be able to as well!

(I can't believe she's giving you HPTs though. I'll probably be peeing on them till I go into labor!)

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear about the caring people out in the world still. I hope one of those tests give you the answer you are looking for :)

Amanda said...

Isn't this community amazing? I discovered the stats page a few weeks back too, and was shocked!

What an awesome friend. I often wonder how I'll share the news when I'm pregnant, because I'm just so scared of breaking someone else's heart (hmmm, like my cousin maybe?). It was so kind of her to think of you..

kkasun said...

Wow, your adoption packet, how exciting!
We have the same birthday! I hope you are PG by then too!

Josey said...

Schools DEFINITELY have a smell. :)

A blog friend of mine sent me a bunch of her leftover OPKs after she got her BFP. It was so fun to get a package like that!

Michelle said...


Hello 51!

Thought I'd add you to my list and follow you along your journey too. Wishing you great things ahead...whatever that may be. ;)

Lady In The Mirror said...

hi... been stalking ur blog for quite some time now and im from Malaysia :p

As for me, it doesnt matter if i follow any blog or not coz im too lazy to view from dashboard :)

Jenny said...

Yes I know exactly the school smell. I never notice it when I'm teaching full time (especially on myself after work!) but after the summer break? OH yeah...there is a very distinct odor...and now that i'm only teaching one day a week i do notice it when I go in on class also has the added bonus of stinky 12 year olds (who have yet to learn the benefits of proper hygiene) in the air lol

Congrats on 50 followers!

Jillington, a.k.a. the Polack said...

I read your blog religiously. And while I have not struggled with IV, I have suffered through a miscarriage. I felt the same way N did about announcing our pregnancy on FB. I think of you often. Any day I'm thinking my 14 month old is driving me nuts, I remember that you would kill to have a little one to drive you nuts. I always wish there was some way I could help you get your little one. I'd share my uterus. ;)