Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crash and Burn

Last night our lap top crashed. Again. It was doing great for awhile and now we have a nasty new virus on it somehow. So, hubby helped me hook up the desktop. Well he hooked it up. While I stood by and felt an anxiety attack coming on at the thought that the desktop might not work. Breathing and heart rate is back to normal at the site of my yahoo homepage. But there's a sad part to this story. My desktop is like 40 years old and is soooo slow. I seriously could prepare and eat a Thanksgiving dinner in the time it takes for a page to load. So, please forgive if I'm slow to comment on your blogs. It's going to take me awhile! So here I am sitting on the floor. We don't have a desk in here so I have the monitor and keyboard up on an end table. ha.

Hopefully, we can get the virus taken care of soon on the lap top because (insert whiney voice here) this desktop SUCKS. And there isnt a tv in here. Here being the "extra" bedroom. The "future nursery" room. It's ironic that I'll be blogging from here for the next few weeks.

There was a change of plans today. And for this cycle. I had an appt at the RE this morning but I cancelled it last night. I was really worried the weather was going to be worse then they had expected and my hubby was going to be in Syracuse for work. So after a good talk with hubby we decided we are going to skip this cycle. Well not skip exactly, just sit out from RE intervention. This being for a few reasons. One-we want to put our money towards an injectible cycle in April. Two-after much thought I didnt want to waste a covered IUI with a non-medicated cycle. Could still have worked, but the odds werent really in our favor. We feel confident about this decision though. We are going to use OPK's, lots o' baby dancin, and a whole lot of hopin and prayin. I'm really just going with the flow. I know it sounds like this a repeat of last month, but I had taken clomid then. This cycle is going to be completely drug free. And we plan on taking all the $30 co-pays we would have spent on RE visits during this cycle and put them towards next months injectibles.

Ok friends, I'm putting myself to bed. Can't wait for a drama filled weekend! Meaning, we are seeing two shows. Hubby's cousin is in The Phantom of the Opera at her high school and then saturday is date night! The musical The Lion King and dinner out! Can't wait :)


Amanda said...

You sound confident and at peace with your decision to wait another month, and that's the most important part. Good luck with this non-medicated cycle!

Wow, fun weekend!!!

manymanymoons said...

An unmedicated cycle can be such a relief sometimes I think. Good for you.

Have a great time at The Lion King. You're going to love it! Where to for dinner?