Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not having a sense of smell is______.


I can't breathe through my nose right now. My head cold kicked things up a bit today and I'm so miserable. But when your sense of smell is taken away, it's a bit scary! You forget how much we rely on our sense of smell. Is this food bad? Sniff, Sniff. Is the house on fire? Sniff, sniff. Did I forget deoderant? Sniff, sniff.

(I never forget deoderant btw, just added that in there for dramatic effect) :)

But really, it's scary!!! Not too mention it's made me a mouth breather the entire day. My mouth was a gaping hole at work :) Can't taste much either. But I'll take that because it's reducing my appetite, thus reducing extra pound-age.

Sometimes I think I'd rather be throwing up then to have a nasty head cold. Because it's hard to function when a mack truck has hit your face. Good news! Got an emergency appt with the GI doctor tomorrow morning. And I was able to switch to a different (and much better) dr in April. I just want to start feeling better.

I'm also going to call my RE's office and demand (yes, demand) an appt with the actual dr. He and I have some bizznus to discuss. I want to know his thoughts! And what I should do next! Surgery? More inectibles and IUIs? IVF? Take a chill pill? I just want him to tell me something. Plus, thanks to few lovely blog friends I found out that NYS offers a grant for IVF. I looked into it and it says you have to have had 4 failed IUI cycles. We only have two right now. But I wanted to talk to my RE about this too, because they are on the list of providers. Kind of exciting to think we maybe could get some help with it...

Anybody watch The Bachelor last night? Wow. I mean, wow. So disappointed with Emily! I really liked her. But I was like wth?! She was so cold and mean to Brad. I just was shocked at the whole thing. I don't think they will work out. And to be honest, I'm not sure if she really deserves him after all that. No one is perfect. But geez, I was shocked with her words last night. Ok, Bachelor rant over.

I know when I am really sick, when DayQuil pills don't do diddly. They usually help, but not today. Think this girl is heading to bed to rest her stuffy head...

I promise I will soon have a post where I am not complaining about feeling sick! Promise :)

ps-Happy Birthday to my Dad!! :)


Amanda said...

Oh no! That sounds awful...I hope the meds kick in soon.

Glad you're being proactive with your doc. I'm sure he has so many patients, so it's important to remind him that you're still here! Can't wait to hear what the plan is.

I didn't watch bachelor this season, but you're making me wish I did...

cgd said...

I am hoping you feel better soon.
I only did 3 IUI before the grant, but we had 3 clomid cycles (non-IUI) as well. See if they can be flexible on the terms. by the way, I have heard the grant is running out soon so get on the asap.
Happy birthday your dad!!!