Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful for a break.

I was thinking today how nice it is not to have to go to the clinic every other day and get poked and prodded. How nice it is to not have to shell out a bunch of money for co-pays for each of those visits. And not having to get up extra early to make it to the pre-work appts is great! And extremely nice not to have to do shots every night. This two week wait is also a two week break! I'm starting to think about what the next plan is, IF we need one. We won't. But if we do, I was thinking that we would take a break in December. Money is just not good right now and the holidays are coming. Basically, we can't really afford to try again right now. The co-pays alone put a big dent in things. So IF we need a plan, the plan will be "no plan." Probably just start again in January.

But we don't need a back up plan. :)

Maybe some of you are wondering what happened with all my computer troubles. Well, we got my desktop working. But I feel like it's a dinosaur. And we don't have a desk for it. So right now it's up on an end table and I'm sitting on a pillow on the floor. I really like using a lap top. So having to get used to this again is tough. But I am thankful that it's working!!

I somehow managed to fix the background on my blog. I hope it's visible to you all! Still needs some tweaking, but I am much happier with this look.

I was kind of freaking out the last few days. Tuesday after the IUI I felt really naucious and sick. And then Wednesday morning I woke up with awful cramping and a bloated feeling. Immediately all I could think of was the OHSS syndrome. Where the ovaries are overstimulated and it can be life threatening. So I called the dr and they said not to worry unless the pain increases and I feel short of breath. The nurse said it sounds like it could be ovulation pain. Which would be fabulous. But of course, I think the worse. That I'll end up in th ER in serious trouble and with a failed cycle. But thankfully I was feeling a little better today!! And my fears of OHSS are subsiding.

I was told that envisioning conception can help it happen. Very "meditation-like" but hey, I'll do anything at this point. So randomly throughout the day I think about a sperm and an egg meeting up and making a home in my lining. And then I laugh about it because I realize I'm picturing the opening scene in the movie " Look Who's Talking." :)

This is my 90th blog post!! Guess what I'm saving my 100th for? :)

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