Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Toast to Rockstar

Dear Rockstar,

You are a few months away from entering this world. And you're due to make your appearance just before Christmas. You are gonna be the best Christmas present your mom and dad ever received! So you should feel pretty darn good about that. I've never met your parents. But I have followed their journey to conceive you for quite awhile, and just let me say you have kick-ass parents. Your Mom has broadened my vocabulary with the phrase "HFS!" which I absolutely love. You'll have to ask her what it stands for someday. Your mom has been writing about her journey to you on this blog and there are people out here in the blog world who have falling in love with you too. Your mom is always there to lend supportive comments to her blog friends when they need it most. And on this day, during her "blog baby shower" we honor her and your daddy and you too, baby rockstar. Someday I'm sure your parents will tell you about how your dad proposed and how your mom told your dad you were on the way. It all happened by way of Scrabble. Yes, this is a game you will learn someday. It involves lots of letters, numbers, and thinking. It's fun, trust me. But you might want to start out with something more basic, like Candyland or Operation. Just sayin. Any of your Mom's blog friends who want to check out her awesome (and very memorable) Scrabble post can do so here. And to continue with the Scrabble theme, the onesie above is for you Rockstar. May you wear it (and spit up all over it) with pride. Since you are expected to arrive around Christmas, baby Rockstar, I will leave you with one of the best holiday songs of all time. And perfectly appropriate, for the little rocker you are...

With Love,


Congratulations Josey and Charlie! We can't wait to meet baby Rockstar :)

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Josey said...

Thanks, Sarah!! I LOVVVVVE the onesie - it's absolutely perfect!

I also have Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree stuck in my head now. In September. Thanks. :)