Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is my first time participating in "TVT: Thought Vomit Thursdays." This was created by the lovely Oak. And that's her baby boy in the picture above. TVT is where you can just post in bullet points all the crazy things going on in your head. The best thing about it is you don't have to write a coherent post. And, to add a little extra edgy-ness to it, might as well not worry about speling or gramar either. Purposely, spelled those words wrong for effect :) So here it goes...

  • I've realized that I do not experience morning sickness. Instead, I experience all afternoon and evening sickness. I haven't thrown up (very grateful for that) but I do have some pretty intense nausea in the afternoons/evenings. It's not all that fun. But I will gladly take it. I even talk to my belly and say " Hi baby, I don't care if you give mommy nausea just please keep growing." Hopefully LM (Lil'Miracle) is using his/her listening ears. "Listening ears" is teacher talk for " Stop goofing around and listen up kid." :)
  • This pregnancy is not doing very nice things to my grill. Like I said awhile back, I'm growing a beard. And now I have these giant zits showing up. I usually have pretty good skin. But lately, I'm feeling like I need to wear a paper bag over my face. But just to clarify I will gladly take bad skin and a beard over no baby.
  • I despise spiders. I really do. And to make matters worse, I woke up this morning to one crawling on my arm. I brushed it off my arm and leaped out of bed. And then I couldn't find it. All spiders must die. Sorry if you like spiders. When I lived in Hawaii I had the worst spider experience EVER. I found the creepiest, biggest, ugliest spider Ive ever seen sitting a a wall hanging in my bathroom. When it saw me it started crawling really fast into the shower. And what scared me the most was it's leg span. It's legs were so long and creepy and FAST. Somehow I managed to kill it with raid, windex, hairspray and shower cleaner. It still to this day creeps me out.
  • I'm considering making a TV chart for all the new shows that are out. I can't keep track! I'm excited to watch "Whitney" tonight. And last night I watched "Revenge" which I wasn't sure I wanted to get into, but it was pretty good. "Up all night" is pretty funny. And I'm sure there are others, but I just can't keep track!
  • Is it weird I already have our Christmas card designed? And yes, it does involve Lil' Miracle.
  • Red Velvet Cupcake candles from Target are the bomb, btw. Go get one.
  • I want to be a co-host on The View.
There you have it, my first TVT.


Beeker's Mom said...

The weather is getting colder here and we have these GIANT wolf spiders trying to sneak into the house. I'm sure they are not as big as your Hawaii spider, but they are disgusting. My dogs eat them as snacks. SO GROSS! And my husband smashes them. And they squish. And queue evening sickness.

Josey said...

I love designing our Christmas cards ahead of time too - just can't this year!

I'm getting back-ne this past week or two suddenly. Gross! gotta love pregnancy

Good Timing said...

Oooh Christmas card design! Do we get to see??? I hear you on the skin! Mine has just been terrible since the injectables and has continued. Oh well. C'est la vie, right??

Faith said...

I had afternoon/evening sickness too! Mornings were actually tolerable, lol! And I HATE spiders - especially the big kind, and I hate scorpions and I hate cockroaches - all of which we have here in AZ. Trust me when I say that I spend BIG money to have a bug guy come to my house every few months;). Ok, that's all my TVT feedback for today, lol!

Chon said...

Love the last bullet point

A m a n d a said...

Sorry, but yay for nausea!! I love designing our cards too :)

Try 'Up All Night''s hilarious!

Lonelily said...

LOVE these discursive thoughts! I don't hate spiders as much as snakes, but there are HUGE hairy dock spiders at the river I often have to kill :)

manymanymoons said...

'm right there with ya on The View thing. Did I ever show you this? I basically decided that Shari and I were friends after this. :)