Thursday, March 11, 2010

"No, not yet. "

Today was our Winter Festival at work. It was supposed to be in February, but was rescheduled because of a car crashing into the classroom. Yes, you read that correctly. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But it caused some construction chaos, so they decided it would be best to have it in March. The festival is always a good time for the kids. Lots of balloons and fun activities for the little ones and their parents to enjoy. Creative activities, thought up by some extremely creative women. I was manning the playdough table, when one of the little boys from my class and his dad came and sat down. The dad and I got chatting about how fun playdough is, how well his son could "cut" with the playdough tool, and how the dad was glad to finally have a day off. And then the dad asked " Do you have any children?" All within a few seconds, my heartbeat tripled, my throat closed up and I found myself wanting to just close my eyes and crawl under the table. " No, not yet" I answered, with a smile. A fake smile and a quiet "No, not yet." The dad was just making friendly conversation and I thought it was super sweet he was spending time with his son like this. I wanted to say " Hold him close, you are so so blessed." But honestly, it looked like he already knew this :)

I'm kind of proud of myself for responding with "No, not yet." Instead of just "No."

The new definition of the word "Yet" : Hope.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. It's going to be a busy weekend, but that's ok. As long as I can sleep without an alarm set, I'm good. My unreliable friend AF, still hasn't showed. I'm not liking this itinerary that my post mc body has come up with. And before you think it, no I'm not pregnant.

Not yet, anyways...


Jennifer said...

Not yet is the best way to think. You will have kids. I'm sorry the road is not easy. I do think those of us that have to struggle so much to get to that point do understand how special kids are in a way that others can't. Don't get me wrong...I think all good parents get how special their child is, but we have a different perspective. Good post!

Kelly said...

Really random question...did you used to have a blog and live in Hawaii?? Maybe I'm thinking of some one else!

Gaffney said...

Hope is powerful, I am glad you are in a relationship and place that contains vast amounts of it. A branch of the Gaffney family just expanded by adoption this week, proving yet again that when there is love to go around children will come to you in many ways.
With Hope for you, SG