Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog background help!

Ok, so I don't why I decide to try and freshen up the look up my blog, because it DRIVES ME INSANE EVERY TIME. For some reason I can't get my blog template to show the new background I chose. Occasionally, I can see the tiniest piece of it to the right or left of my blog. But all I normally see is WHITE. I don't know how to fix this! If anyone has any tips, I would be so grateful!!!! :)

***Ok, now it seems to be showing the new fall background, but the print is too small in the middle with the posts! AHHH! Anyone know how to fix this?****


bibc said...

in blogger-->go into design-->template designer-->adjust widths or layout should help you do what you want to do

Josey said... all appears fine to me?