Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cry Baby

I have been a big cry baby lately. Hormones? I guess so. But I mean, I am crying over everythinggggg. Mostly, TV shows or movies. For example, I found myself sobbing over the movie "Air Force One" the other day. I mean, really? I watched "Titanic" the other night, complete sob fest. Although, that movie makes more sense then "Air Force One." Also, the preview for tonight's "Parenthood" episode where she has the baby? The preview lasts maybe 15 seconds and I somehow manage to be full blown tears mode every single time it comes on. I have been crying a lot lately over my poor dog that was killed in January. I just always thought he would be around to grow up with our kids, and I think it's just hitting me hard that he's gone. He was my first baby. Between my allergies and my crying, we are keeping Kleenex in business!

I just want to thank everyone who has been supporting me the past few weeks with their kind comments on my blog. I don't always get to say "Thank you" but just know how much every comment means to me :)

I promise to post the latest picture of my babe. We don't have a scanner here and if I were to just take a picture of the picture it would be crappy. So I'll get it scanned in the next few days! We actually have a little photo book we started with the u/s pictures. And the first picture is of our three embryos we put back. It's really pretty amazing to see how the baby has grown. And pretty special since most people don't have such early photos of their babies like that. So we have that going for us infertile friends! :) Guess what happened yesterday though? My brother-in-law had Gall bladder surgery the other day and my husband was taking his grandfather up to go visit him after our appt yesterday. Matt wanted to bring the u/s picture book with him to show everybody. Well, after he parked at the hospital he put his phone and the u/s book on the ground quick to help his grandpa out of the car and into the wheelchair. Valet came and took the car away. And into the hospital they go. Accidentally LEAVING THE PHONE AND U/S BOOK ON THE GROUND! Before he left the house, I said to him " Don't lose this." When he got up to his brother's room he realized he didn't have the book or his phone and started freaking out. Luckily, a couple found it in the parking lot and they called my phone to let me know they found the phone and book. Thank goodness that couple found it when they did, because the book and phone could have gotten run over and mangled by a car! Phewwwww......

I've been feeling so clueless about pregnancy. I feel like I know a lot about infertility but when it comes to pregnancy, I feel overwhelmed and dumb. :) I need cliff notes for pregnancy or something. I just feel like there is so much to know, so many things I'm supposed to be preparing for and I don't know where to start! I'm definitely going to do a post in a few months asking everyone things that I absolutely should register for. I have no idea what I need. I mean I have an idea but I have a feeling I'm way off. I know the basics of caring for a baby, but I'm pretty sure I'm in the dark about a lot too! Is there a book out there that tells you what you should be doing each month? Like a checklist?


J said...

The bump has a good checklist, but take it with a grain of salt, it's pretty intense. A good book I liked was the girlfriend's guide to pregnancy--funny and will provide some good info that you might not otherwise hear (the real stories!).
Also, for baby supplies, I recommend Baby Bargains. This was my bible while registering and after baby was born.
Good luck!

Debbie & John said...

Hi Sarah! I've never commented before but I've been following your journey and am so excited for you!

I just had my first baby a month ago so the crazy pregnancy symptoms are still fresh in my memory - especially the allergy issues!! My allergies acted up the entire pregnancy and are only just now getting under control again. My doctor had me keep taking my regular meds (nasal spray and Allegra-D) because I was so miserable at first without them. With the meds, I basically just had a slight runny nose everyday. Without them I had sinus headaches and major congestion. I was worried about taking the meds but she assured me that the baby would be perfectly fine - and he is. :)

Just thought I'd let you know what my experience was in case you end up battling your allergies like I did. I sure hope you don't!


Carlia said...

i'm so glad they returned the phone and book to you! what a relief! i hope the hormones aren't wreaking too much havoc on you and that you're feeling good. big hugs!

Jenny said...

I was also going to recommend The Bump...I also enjoyed joining their forum of other ladies due the same months as me...lots of sharing of ideas about what they are doing to prepare for arrival as well as sharing symptoms so you don't feel like you're alone.

So glad that couple called you! what a terrible thing to have lost!

It's normal to feel like you are in the dark...we focus so much of our energy on getting pregnant that we never think about past peeing on the stick! You'll figure it all out though...I don't need half of the things they suggested we buy...and if you can borrow stuff from friends do it! I didn'thave to buy a single boucer, jolly jumper, etc because our friends gave us theirs to keep until they need them again.
Our first "big" purchase was the stroller...do your research on that one because there are a million options and it can be overwhelming when you get in the stoor. I looked at all the reviews on babies r us and that way I knew exactly what I wanted when I got to the store.

Jenny said...

lol *stoor=store*
baby brain doesn't go away after birth btw.

Faith said...

The crying doesn't go away once you're not pregnant anymore - then the love for your child just overtakes you and you cry even more, lol! Buy stock in Kleenex or something, lol!

As for preparing, take it slow and try not to worry about it. You will have what you need by the time you need it. It's not as overwhelming as you'd think. The lists people suggested are good ones. But usually you need less than half of what they suggest:). And of course you'll buy all these great things that YOU think are amazing and baby won't like them, lol!

Take care, momma! SO excited for you:)!

Moe said...

....That sounds 100% like something Dan would do. I'm so glad a sweet couple found the book. I would have freaked out!

Marissa said...

We figure we NEED carseat, stroller, crib, changing table mat thingy, some blankets, some bottles (for pumping), some clothes.

In other words: a way to get them home from the hospital, a place to sleep, something to wear, something to take care of poopy diapers, and something to feed them with. We're starting simple. :)

If the bump is anything like the knot...well, that's why I avoided it. ;)

ADSchill said...

I am right there with you. I am trying to figure out what I need vs. what I think I want.

I am going to check out The Bump as well. I hope to find lists and ways to stay organized.

I am so glad you are on your way to the second trimester! That is such a good feeling!

Nicole C said...

Love Baby Bargains!!!