Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I'd post a picture of NY's October nor'easter. But I might blind myself. Between the white snow all over everything and the now bright sun, it almost hurts to look outside. However, it's definitely a Fall  Winter Wonderland! And a big thank you to the power Gods for keeping our power on. A lot of people lost power, but thankfully we weren't one of them. At about 11pm last night the power went in and out for a few minutes, but that's about it.

I can't imagine all this snow clearing out in time for all the trick or treaters tomorrow. It's going to be a "trick or treat by way of sled or snowmobile" type Halloween.

I was thinking last night how I seem to have a stomach ache everyday. At some point in the day, my stomach tends to hurt. I know it's just digestive type issues. And I do try to eat smaller meals throughout the day, but I really hate when my stomach hurts. Because of course my first thought is that I hope the baby is okay. It would be nice to go at least one day with my stomach hurting! This also got me thinking how my body has been put through the ringer this year. Countless pills/shots/ultrasounds/blood work. Lap surgery in June. The start of IVF in July. Egg retrieval and transfer in August. And then (thankfully!) a pregnancy! Then bleeding early on and the loss of the twin. Actually, the past few years have been tough on my body. Tons of fertility treatments and a miscarriage too. It's actually amazing what the body can deal with. And now that I'm pregnant that takes a toll on your body in SO many ways. Which I will happily deal with in order to get to our baby in April, no doubt about it. But to actually think back to all that my body has been through, has me in awe and shock. I bet if my body could talk it would say " Screw you, leave me alone please!."

With that I'm going to make a promise to my body. Well more like a deal. I'm asking my body to take care of this baby and get us to April. After that, I will do everything I can to get my body back to a happy and health state!

With the winter wonderland outside, I'm really tempted to drag out the Christmas decorations and go buy a Christmas tree. Crazy, I know. I will be a sane person and wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving like we always do. But this snow is such a tease!


Ruth said...

I'm glad you still have power and a beautiful/blinding view out the window :) In Oklahoma, we would get a lot of ice and the occasional snow storm; it always seemed kinda "magical" when we got lots of snow. Now that I'm in LA, I really miss having "weather" LOL!
I think your body has been through so much that it's really toughened up now. Praying it holds up it's end of the deal ;)

Baby Hopes said...

I love the deal you're making with your body! :) I think I'll follow suit. The next 36-40 weeks are all about baby... after that, I'll give it a bit of a rest! ;)

It IS beautiful outside, but also glaringly bright. Cheers to you for waiting until after Thanksgiving to do Christmas decorations! We've always been the same way. My middle sister was born right around Thanksgiving (every few years her birthday falls on Thanksgiving), so it's always been an important holiday for us! :)