Friday, October 7, 2011

NT Scan

Anyone out there decide NOT to do a NT scan?


cgd said...

sarah, I know this is a completely personal issue. However, so much is learned from these scan beyond things like Downs. I never thought I would ever entertain the notion of pregnancy termination until I learned (beginning at my NT scan) that my son had a condition 'not compatible with life'. Now, I realize that not every one would make the same choices that I would, but I do still see power in the knowledge and information. that is just my two sense so please take this for what it is worth.
with that said, I am sure you are growing a healthy and happy baby as we speak.

Josey said...

I did NOT do the scan... there is such a risk of false positives, and your results are given in terms of a RATIO... not a yes/no... i.e. "your baby has a 1 in ____ chance of having ____."

That would have just made me worry more - a likely needlessly. No thanks!
"Remember that a normal screening result (screen negative) isn't a guarantee that your baby has normal chromosomes, but it does suggest that a problem is unlikely. Likewise, an abnormal screening result (screen positive) doesn't mean that your baby has a chromosomal problem — just that he's more likely to have one. In fact, most screen-positive babies turn out not to have a problem."

Kim said...

Nope, we've never done it (this is our 4th pg that made it far enough to qualify). Much of the information could be found at the 18 week anatomy scan anyway. Getting bad news at the NT scan wouldn't change how we proceeded so we didn't ever find it necessary. We were not, however, in a high risk category for any disorder. if we were we may have made a different decision.

Beeker's Mom said...

We did not do the scan either. Personal choice and all, but I didn't want the added worry since there isn't a definite yes or no. Just my 2 cents.

Jenny said...

I did it..but most people I know don' everyone said it's such a personal choice. I enjoyed it though since I wasn't at a high risk I wasn't "too worried" and I got to see Abbey's little profile which made me feel like the whole thing was more was magical. They even predicted that she was a girl!

Amber said...

I did it and would do it again every time! (As if I'll ever get pregnant again...) It was such an in-depth interesting look at my growing baby and put my mind at ease! Plus, it lasted so much longer than regular ultrasounds and they even made a video for me!

Anonymous said...

I just came from one and it was amazing. My insurance covers 1st trimerster screening and I thought if that means I get another chance at seeing my baby - I am taking it! :) I measured 12w3d today and the baby is a little acrobat. It was doing all kinds of tricks and turns and kicks, you name it! And it looks like a real baby now!! They measured the fluid on the neck and it was within the normal range.

Also I did a flu shot last week :)

X said...

It made me feel better to have as much knowledge about my babies as possible, so I had every scan and test that was offered. I would not have terminated. I just wanted to know.

On the positive side, it is absolutely amazing to see your little baby at the NT scan. Like PP said, your little one will be like a tiny acrobat and will look like a real baby.

Everyone I know has had an NT scan and there was only one case of a false positive in which my friend chose to have the amnio and her baby was fine so it was a true false positive. The baby is now a healthy 2 year old.

Good luck with your decision.