Thursday, October 6, 2011


It's Thought Vomit Thursday people! Prepare to be vomited upon.

  • One of my goals in life is for my husband and I to go to the Ellen DeGeneres show. We love her.
  • I'm gonna turn into a lemon head soon. One of the nurses at the RE clinic mentioned that Lemon Head candy helps with nausea. I completely forgot about it, until my sweet husband came home one night with a box of lemon heads for me and they actually work! Bad news is eating too many of them can make you sick. Cause it be candy. Not a miracle pill.
  • I've gotten bored with my nausea snacks. So I've switched them out every few weeks. It started off with saltines, then I moved to pretzel rods and now I'm enjoying plain saltine goldfish. Which are yum btw.
  • My husband and I have been sort of leaning towards that this baby is a girl. However, I've realized I've been craving a lot of salty foods. And according to to gender prediction things, salty means boy...sweet means girl...but who knows. The Chinese say it's a girl. We shall see!
  • I don't sleep very well. My body/mind refuses to let me sleep on my stomach. It could just be a mental thing where I'm afraid I'm squishing the baby, but not sleeping on my stomach has been sad. That's how I've always slept! Probably as infant too, since I'm sure infant sleeping safety wasn't important back in the 70's. So now I have to sleep on my side or on my back. And sleeping on my side has my arms permanently hurting me throughout the day. I feel like I've been lifting weights (not) but it's really just from sleeping! And for some reason my allergies are worse then they've ever been. I spend a good portion of the early (3-4am) morning hours, blowing my nose and sneezing. Booo to that.
  • Kellie over at the blog Another Day Stronger did a post about how Soy isoflavones are a natural version of Clomid. And you can buy it on the shelves at Wal-Mart! Amazing. Never heard of this, but it's definitely interesting.
  • Did anyone watch American Horror Story on Fox last night? Holy cow. So creepy, weird, and scary. I love me a good horror film! Even though they still freak me out. It's a weird thrill. But this messed up mind created this! Definitely, worth watching if you like creepy, scary, ghost type shows. But prepared to be like "WTF?"
  • If someone is interested in baking me a homemade apple pie, I wouldn't turn it away. Just saying. Fall is in full effect and I'm craving apples, apple pie and cider donuts.
  • I've been thinking about the twin we lost a lot lately and I'm realizing I'm more sad about it than I thought. At the time, we were just so glad that our one miracle was still going strong so I think I put my sadness over the twin on the back burner. It's just sad. To know that there were two at one point. But we know we are so blessed that this one baby is still doing well!


Adam and Julia said...

Sleep on your stomach while you can. I felt the same way and tried to only sleep on my side or back. Once I hit 16 weeks, it wasn't possible anymore. You aren't squishing the baby. Trust me, when you are 37 weeks, you will wish you had.

I DVR'd American Horror Story and am watching it tonight....can not wait!!!!!!

We lost a triplet when I got pregnant. Yes, I do have twins, but I still sometimes think about that third little baby. I have NO idea how I would function, but I do miss the little guy or girl. We will meet again one day.

I want a pie too!!! If you find someone, let me know!

Josey said...

Get a pregnancy pillow - I can kind of prop myself on it to still semi-sleep on my belly, and that has helped a lot!

Moe said...

I would kill for an apple pie too. If someone bakes you one will you send me a piece?

I never knew that about lemonheads...

And I think that it's totally natural that the loss of the twin is hitting you now. I'm so sorry hun. :(


mag said...

I cannot believe I missed that horror show. We were waiting for it all summer, and then last night I randomly needed to go to Walmart.

Anyway, hang in there with the sleeping thing. I am a totally stomach sleeper as well - don't even know how that will work!

Jenny said...

ok first--everything Josey said is what I was going to sleep pillow was my hero (DH was totally jealous lol)...and I just bought a cheap 12$ one from walmart not the fancy one

soy is like "fake" careful with it...especially if you have endo.

I'm the HUGEST chicken and can never watch horror movies/shows cause I will literally not sleep for days...I can't even watch criminal minds. It's bad how much my brain can't tolerate violence!

mmm apples...I live in the heart of apple country and this is the first year in ages that I didn't go picking onmy bday...abbey is still too year!

It's sad about the twin...but with time it will get easier.

I LOL to you writing (not)...totally 80s haha

Good Timing said...

11 weeks tomorrow my friend!! :) So exciting! Glad all is going well and enjoy the lemon candies. Hope the nausea gets better soon for you! Too funny that you have a girl feeling.....I have that for you too! and for some reason I have a boy feeling for me? But I guess we have a 50/50 chance right? ;)

A m a n d a said...

I love fall cooking! If you get that apple, send me a piece k?

I've always wanted to see Ellen live too. It seems like the funnest show ever to be in her studio (even the riff raff room!)

Your twin will never be forgotten. Most people wouldn't even realize a second baby was there when it is lost so early, so at least your twin will be remembered and have lots of love from all of us. xo

Gaffney said...

I would love to bring you pies! E and I are making some this very weekend. With her I ate so many lemons I destroyed my tooth enamel so switching snacks is a good thing.
Amanda is very right. Gone but not forgotten. Hitting another "supposed to be due date" kicked my butt last month and that surprised me considering my condition. Just go with it for now as part of the process and keep putting your hope in the future.
Oh and I was wicked excited to stand near the rack of Ellen bikes while on the W Bro set this summer. Stupid rules about no photography...