Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A letter to my placenta

Dear Placenta,

Saturday was my last day on Crinone. I'm putting my trust in you, placenta, that you will do your job and take over. That you will keep my babe safe. Because I'm bat-shit-crazy scared of having to say goodbye to the Crinone. Thanks.

Much love,

***I finally colored my hair! However, I was super scared. I opened up every window and door in the house to let the fresh air get through. Luckily, it's a cool breezy Fall day and I didn't smell much of the fumes. Also, I didn't let the color sit on my head as long as I normally would have. I know it'll be okay. I've heard it's fine to color your hair when pregnant and I've been told that if you're worried just wait till the second trimester. Which I did! So I'm okay about it. And my hair is a little happier. I noticed I've started get white hair! EEK! Also, I apologize to anyone who's seeing my blog fall background but is also seeing a HUGE font. My goal was not to reach the elderly with my blog :) I just can't figure out how to fix it! Because when I look at my blog I see the fall background and the font is a normal size. I may just try to take the background off completely and hope everything returns to normal? The whole thing is driving me bananas.***


manymanymoons said...

I'm glad you brought this up because I've been meaning to have a good long talk with your placenta. Thank you for taking care of it for me.

Now...when are we getting together??

Shannon said...

Your placenta does need a talking to! I've been calling and calling, leaving message after message and nothing....not even a text to say, "Oh, I'm coloring my hair right now but I'll call you back ASAP!" RUDE!

But I'm glad you guys got that taken care of...

Ruth said...

Come on placenta! It's time to step up the game! :) Yay for coloring your hair! I'd been worried about that too (my hair is getting pretty dull) but last week, the pregnant teacher next door to my room went from blonde to brunette so I figure it must be ok :)

Jenny said...

i remember the day I took my last progesterone supp. I was so nervous...but LM placenta will do it's job :)

I have a box of hair color that has been sitting in my medicine cabinet since A was born...I need to get on that lol The white hairs are very disturbing...especially when DH comes up and pulls them out with a big smile like he found gold!

oh and I can finally see your background and the font it normal :) very cute!

Kelly said...

Yeah for coloring your hair, I just got mine done and I am 17 weeks today. I colored my hair with all 3 of my other pregnancies and it was fine, so don't worry.