Monday, October 24, 2011

The post where I complain

Did ya ever just have one of those days?? Where it feels like everything that could be going wrong is? That all the tiny little problems in your life that were on the back burner are now on the front burner,  boiling and overflowing? That's how I feel today. And please excuse the whiny complaining post. I promise to follow this post up with a grateful/happy post sometime this week. Just needed to vent.

I'm sure my husband wouldn't be too happy if I were to broadcast the details of our financial issues on here. But basically, that's what's happening. It feels like no matter what we do, we can't catch up. It's just overwhelming. Any day now, would be the perfect time to win the lottery or have Ellen DeGeneres call us to tell us the "swaggin' wagon" is headed our way. I know things will work out. But at the moment, things seem very dark.

Plus, my mood today is partly due to the fact that I felt so sick all throughout the night and into today. I either had a stomach bug or ate something bad. I just had a really horrible stomach ache and just felt "sick" all over. I'm pretty sure the baby is okay, I wasn't doubled over in pain or anything. Just had a bad stomach ache that felt "virusy." Feeling a little bit better now, but still "off."

I've decided that it should be illegal to have to wait weeks and weeks between OB appts. I hate waiting. I hate wondering. I watched "Sister Wives" last night and they showed a scene where Cody and Robyn were having some pregnancy issues and the mid wife went to use the doppler on her and couldn't find a heartbeat. And that's how they ended the show! Leaving everyone anxious and wondering what happened. And making me panic that they won't be able to find a heartbeat at our next appt. I didn't want to try my home doppler again until this appt, where I could learn how to use it correctly. I think if I attempt to try it again before then, and can't hear anything, it will just freak me out.

I also had to tell my soon to be sis in law that I have to back out on being a bridesmaid. Which I feel really bad about. I was super excited to be in the wedding but after thinking a lot about it, I just didn't think it would be a good idea to commit to it. The biggest reason, being money. I just don't think I'll be able to afford all the fabulous things that come with being in a wedding. The dress/hair/make-up/events, etc. And the wedding is on St. Patrick's Day and by then I will be 8 months pregnant. I have this fear of going early too, and I wouldn't want to mess up all her plans. I'm bummed about it, but I know it's the right thing for everyone.

Thanks for all your responses to my blog background questions! I've pretty much given up. Everything that was suggested I had already tried and I have just come to accept that Blogger hates me. Some people say all they can see is white and some people say they can see the cute fall background. I think it has to do with the browser people are using. So apologize my background may be jacked up for awhile. Somehow I managed to get it where I can see the fall background, but the text is pretty small.

Ok, I'm done venting for the day. Thanks for lending an ear  eye. :)


Josey said...

When I look at your blog with Google Chrome, the background shows up just fine but the font is definitely too big. It looks the exact same with Internet Explorer 9 - background shows and font is too big. Which browser are you using? According to my stats, 40% of ppl use IE9 and 15% Chrome, so you definitely want it set so those people are viewing it correctly.

Are you using a design template from blogger or created by a different entity?

I think it's a good idea to back out of the wedding. Reduce the stress in your life - especially money stress. It's just not worth it.

Moe said...

I'm sorry you're having a bad day. :( I've been in a funk like that for the past week or 2... and it's no fun.

marg said...

Your blog has a fall background and a HUUUUUGE font. No trouble reading it. It's okay to vent on here, it's your blog.

Do whatever feels right for you, Sarah. Most people are pretty understanding about these things.

Chon said...

awwww honey you are allowed to have a bad day you have been so bubbly that you can have a day where it stinks a bit! sorry about the cash flow issues. And in regards to pulling out of your SIL to be wedding I think you did the right thing. I had THREE pregnant bridesmaids, my sister and my two BFF and no offence but it sucked hugely. I really missed out on the things bridesmaids do on the day because they were pregnant and two were very heavily pregnant and even tho they are gorgeous girls we had to do some cropping! i also felt sometimes that my wedding day turned into their talk about babies day. So I applaud you, in the long run it is definitely for the best!!!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya with the finance stress. I think about if we get pregnant after all this how we will have money to pay for the actual living child! It will work out always does :)
As for the blind eyes are loving the big letters:)

Diana said...

Ugh I totally understand what u mean!!! I worry so much about money and Ernest keeps saying "stop worrying... We always manage. Why stress about it?" uhhhhh cuz I do!!!!!! I think the day I see him worry, I will break down and just hide in a corner! But then I take a deep breath and say to myself... Things will be ok. Sooner or later.. Things will get done! Money comes and goes. And it'll always haunt us. It's not good to dwell on things or stress about it or you'll make yourself sick.

Things will be ok :) u have a great husband.. Trust him. he'll pull his family forward just like u will :)

Faith said...

Hang in there, hun. Tomorrow is another day - and it's GOT To be better:). Thinking of you!

Candice said...

Fall background - gigantic font!
Sorry to hear things have been rubbish lately :(
Hoping things look up soon! xx

manymanymoons said...

Reducing stress is key...good for you!

You have every right to complain sometimes. Take advantage of it. :)

Good Timing said...

Vent away!! It's your blog, you're allowed! :) Plus, we can't be perfect all the time can we??