Thursday, August 18, 2011

Almost barfed.


I get up to use the bathroom at least once during the night. Lately, since starting IVF I get up twice. Last night, on my first run I stood up from the bed and seriously thought I was going to throw up. I was so nauseous. And then this morning on the entire ride to work I thought I was going to have to do a "barf onto the passenger side floor mat" type deal. I envisioned myself getting to work and having to run into the bathroom. Thankfully that didn't happen. I didn't throw up at all and the nausea didn't return. I can't help but want to think this is a good sign. Although, I'm pretty sure it would be wayyyyy to early for me to be feeling "morning sickness."

The cramping wasn't so bad today. Although, I'm been feeling this weird twinge/ache on my left side. Sort of near the ovary area. This might be a dumb question but is it possible to have an ectopic pregnancy from IVF? If it's not baby-imbedding-business than I would guess it's a cyst? Who knows. My boobs don't hurt though. I keep waiting for that and it aint happening :(

I had a good cry last night. Had to get it out I guess. All these nerves and emotions building up and I just cried...and cried...

I want Monday to be a happy day so badly. I do not want to be crushed.

As for anyone wondering if I'm going to test at home before then (ahem...Marissa :)) I haven't decided yet.... the cramps are back.

My friend Lauren suggested that the RE's office should pay for us all to have a 2 week vacation to the Caribbean during our 2ww's. What a freakin brilliant idea. After all the money we spend, they could throw in a vacation! So at least we can be on a beach... with our toes in the water...drinking a virgin pina colada... while still obsessing about everything! :)


Diana said...

Take a teeeeeest :)

Jk.. Do what u feel is right. Hope u get to feeling better and really hoping it's a baby in there!!! Ahhhhhh!!

sunnyside up said...

Yay, for almost puking! Thats a great sign!
I've still got everything crossed for you!
When can you test? Or will you wait until the official beta from your RE?

Not to scare you but, yes, you can have an ectopic pregnancy from IVF. We learned that at our RE visit and from Dr. Google. Those little buggers just run a muck in there! I wouldn't start thinking or worrying about that though! HONESTLY!
You'd see red blood or have really weird and insane pains.

I'm on the edge of my chair!! I agree with Diana take a test - but I also know how scarey that can be!


Jes G said...

they all sound like really good signs!! don't stress about ectopic... just get yourself to beta day :)
the feelings inside are a good sign... just hope they continue!!
i am not a POAS type. i have tested early...seen a negative and then had a positive beta. to me, it's just not worth it to get upset over something that might be good. i'm just sayin :)
best of luck!
can't wait for monday!

Moe said...

I think these are all great signs!!! eeeeek. Is it Monday yet???

I say don't take a home test... just wait for the results. Don't ask me why but I feel like trying to find out before the beta day is jinxing it or something.

If you do test of course I'll still love you. :)

Babydreams2011 said...

POAS! DO IT DO IT DO IT! :) No pressure though.. hehehehee! Can't wait for your beta, cmon already beta day!! everything crossed for you!

Marissa said...

Ok, so...have you considered OHSS? It's not unusual for OHSS to kick in/get worse after implantation, because the hCG being made by the embryo(s) aggravates it. You've mentioned cramping, bloating, nausea, weight gain, and now ovarian/abdominal soreness. All signs.

Not trying to scare you--OHSS is usually pretty mild, and it's an awesome pregnancy indicator. ;)

I'm really hopeful for you!!

Ruth said...

Oooh! I hope that your nauseousness is a good sign!!!! And I agree, we should totally be given a "free" 2ww vacay w/ all the money we spend lol

bibc said...

pregnancy cramps go away and come back. period cramps just stay, in my experience.
also, the feeling in your ovary, if you are pregnant, could be the beginning of the corpus luteum.
you can have an ectopic preg from ivf but it would be doubtful you would have pain from it this early. i think there is a good chance you are preg esp since you transferred 3 embies. are your boob veins bright blue?
i am a poas-er. always have been, always will be. well, the 4 times i got to anyway (3 after ivf, one after fet) so i would test but just bc i am impatient and i neeeeed to know what they are going to tell me. i need time to deal with it in my own way so if it's bad i can brace myself for the call.
all you are describing sound like good signs though!

good luck

bibc said...

also it is a little early for m/s so could be the progesterone.

if you are very uncomfortable or can't breathe properly, you may want to get checked for ohss. otw you are probably fine. i was borderline after ivf #2 and my belly was bloated so far out and they weren't concerned. you could mention it to your nurse if you are, but it doesn't sound like it to me.

Amber said...

Alright, I'm SOOO ready for beta day! I felt nauseated with Paisley really early on, but my boobs weren't sore for a long time. Stupid pregnancy symptoms can make you crazy! Try to enjoy this weekend and keep yourself busy!

Josey said...

FYI, my boobs didn't hurt until probably 5w, so don't worry if youre not having the "symptom."

Fingers crossed for you!

Candice said...

My gut says don't test, wait for beta day because then you will know 100% and won't jinx it. Pretty much what Moe said haha. BUT it's not my decision, it's totally up to you chicky, just follow your heart!

Oak said...

How can you even bear NOT to POAS?? I certainly wouldn't be able to wait! Hoping these are all good signs!

Good Timing said...

Wow, great symptoms Sarah! With all these signs it is hard to think that you would not be pregnant!! (Seems like all signs point to go!!) And good for you for trying to have resolve and wait for your beta. For some reason I have become very good at waiting and part of that is due to not wanting to spend so much money on the stupid tests and get a BFN anyways, worst feeling ever! Hang in there! I think you should plan some little day trips for the weekend to get you out of the house and keep you busy and occupied!

Jenny said...

I didn't POAS and I really don't regret it...when I went for my beta my numbers were positive but low...and if I'd done an hpt the day or so before, it probably would have been "negative" even though I was actually pregnant...imagine how totallly depressed I would have been before my beta.

you absolutely can get nausea this early...for sure a good sign...and of course the meds can do that too so it's all normal IVF stuff (but I'm thinking it's more pregancy related!).

someone mentioned boob pain and I never experienced it my entire pregnancy...they grrrrEWWWW but didn't hurt...but I did have VERY dark veins show up

Seriously said...

Sounds very promising! Getting a POSITIVE on a stick is an amazing feeling, but getting that Negative really sucks. How about peeing on the day of?

Correct me if I"m wrong, but don't IVF pregnancies have higher numbers in the beginning? I think the timing is a bit ahead of the 'other' way.

And a POSITIVE is a POSITIVE! Google the most sensitive brands and if you decide to take the plunge, use the gold wand chicklet, and nothing else! ;)

Wishing you all of the best!