Saturday, August 13, 2011

My First Giveaway!

Come onnnnn, you know ya wanna enter :)

Who doesn't love a little inspirational pick-me-up? I'm giving away these two lovely items to one lucky blogger...

To enter, answer these two questions:

1) Come up with a name for a new fertility drug and it's side effects. The funnier the better.

2) Name one thing that you hate that infertility has taken from you (besides your fertility!) and name one thing infertility has given you...

Next Saturday, I'll gather all the entries and go old school by picking one out of a hat...

Have fun with it and good luck :)


Carpenters said...

can't wait...I am thinking ;)

Jenny said...

1) "Comadrel"-While you are technically "awake" and able to work or do your normal daily routine, your brain actually is benifiting from side effects which include a two week "coma" between ovulation day and testing day. During the coma you will not worry once about pregnancy, you will simply dream you are vacationing in your favourite place and when you wake up you will not care about a negative will be at peace and ready for the next try.

2) Infertility took away my ability to actually enjoy my pregnancy when it finally made me worry about losing my child the entire time and had me always "waiting for the other shoe to drop" still continues to make me worry about my daughter...but I'm getting better and focusing on the miracle that she is instead of worrying about the future.

Infertility has given me a better relationship with my has shown us that no matter how much it hurts, we have each other and that we can get through anything together. It has made us a better team and I think better parents. I know that we will be together till death parts us.

Marissa said...

1) Symptomnix--this handy dandy medication gets rid of all side effects felt by artificial progesterone, so you no longer have to wonder "Is this coming from being pregnant, or is it the damn Crinone?" Side effects include fever, sweating, nightmares, complete numbness from the neck down, blindness, protective metal casings sprouting around breasts, and the complete loss of your partner's sex drive. We think it will be very popular amongst those in the 2ww!

2) Infertility stole my bank account. It also lost me a few friends, any desire to have a relationship with my stepbrother and his wife, and much of my willingness to forgive people for their incredibly ignorant statements on reproduction and reproductive choices.

On the other hand, it did strengthen my marriage, win me a bunch of virtual-friends, and...well, never say never but I highly doubt I would have ever been pregnant with *twins* were it not for IVF.

Carpenters said...

1) JustRelax. Side effects: Memory loss--you completely forget what it is like analyze every twinge or cramp in your body, and you even forget to look at the toilet paper when you wipe. Crazy...I know! You just live in a hazy world, that we just can't remember back before IF was all we saw, heard, felt, etc.

2) Infertility has taken away the simple act of being happy for another person, and has replaced it (most of it) with bitter, jealousy and sadness. It has however given me an opportunity to talk to my mother about her struggles conceiving (me)...and we would never of had that opportunity otherwise.

Erin said...

I just found your blog and find it very interesting.

1) Instabeta - Taking this pill on CD1 thins your blood enough to detect HCG the second the bean sticks, eliminating the dreaded tww. The second week is always the worst so testing after a week can reduce anxiety.

2) Infertility has taken away my sanity. I am no longer a wife, daughter, co-worker. I am a baby making machine 24/7 and that is all I can think about. Google this, don't eat/drink that, stay away from it, read more, research more. And on and on.

Infertility has given me a sense of purpose. Being married for so long gave us the ability to get to know each other, but it also gave us so much free time sometimes we wonder what this life is all for. Knowing we could possibly bring a baby into this world renewed our purpose and drives us to be the best everyday.

BTW- I wish nothing but the best for you and pray for your BFP. My first IVF is in Sept. and I could really relate to what you are going through.