Sunday, August 14, 2011

Need. Success. Stories. Please.

Ok, so it's starting to kick in. The back and forth "This is going to WORK!!!" to "Sorry, silly girl, not this time." Believe me, I have been doing my best to stay positive and I'm actually more relaxed with this two week wait than any other one before. Yet, those thoughts can't help but creep in from time to time.

So, what I need from you girls is first time IVF success stories!!! Please share with me?? :) Even if you know of someone or have a link to someone's blog that you wouldn't mind sharing. I just need a boat load of first time IVF success stories to boost my spirits here! I'm also wondering what my chances are that with having put three back that at least ONE will stick. The doctor said there is less than a 5% chance that all three would stick. But I mean is there a really good chance, with having put three back will get at least one??

I'm 32, we've been pregnant before (even though it resulted in miscarriage), Matt's sperm is great, my lab numbers from this IVF cycle have been great. You'd think the chances for this to work would be pretty good, right?? I'd like to think everything is on our side here. But there's no way to really know that for sure.

So, any success stories would be greatly appreciated. Don't forget to enter my giveaway :)

ps- We watched "Bridesmaids" last night. Absolutely hilarious. We were both in tears and couldn't breathe because we were laughing so hard! If you're in need of a good laugh, rent it! :)


Good Timing said...

This is TOTALLY going to work Sarah! I just have such a good feeling about it for you. I don't have an IVF story for you, but I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the very best for you! Like twins perhaps! LOL! :P And wasn't "Bridesmaids" hysterical?! I love Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph - I think I need to watch it again - with CB this time because he hasn't seen it yet!!! :) When's your beta??

Erica said...

I remember the 2ww with IVF all to well. After 6+ cycles of Clomid and TI, 3 IUI with Clomind and injectables all resulting in BFN's I felt defeated. Yes, my RE gave me GREAT stats on it working,however... I just felt DEFEATED. I am however a IVF stats success. We had IVF back in 2007 and put back 2 "good but not great" embys... both stuck resulting in Twin boys! When they were almost 2 years old, we decided to TTC again. 6 mths of TTC on our own with no luck, back to IVF we went. This cycle was NOT smooth what so ever... every complication that could of happened, happened. However, we put back 1 "great" embryo and it took as well, another boy! I know of plenty of women where IVF is their "cure" while others it takes a few times. I have been following along and wishing you well every step of the way!

Beeker's Mom said...

I think the 2ww might be the most horrible part of the whole process. You WILL get through it. The Monday before I was to take my first pregnancy test I thought for SURE that I was PMSing. And I was so angry. Turns out that the kiddos were implanting and both of them stuck!

I wish I had a happy story after that, but I will just leave you with the thought that IVF miracles can happen. I pray that things go well for you.

Jenny said...

this was me in the tww a little over a year ago

You have a lot more in your favor than I did. I literally had all my hope in one embryo...not reassuring. I have severe endometriosis...not reassuring. It was our first IVF...not reassuring...but as you know, it worked!
I remember those two weeks so well and while part of me had a calmness as well, those thoughts always popped in...keep talking to those babies and know that we are all sending you lots of babydust! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

I have know so many first timers success stories I don't know where I'd begin! It happens! Keep your faith and just keep talking to those embabies. Seriously I thought about you this morning wishing our RE would have let us put three back in bc of course at least one will stick!!! xo

Faith said...

I personally know 2 people who did IVF:

1) Severe endometriosis, history of 2 miscarriages. They put back 3 embryos (first try) - she has triplet boys who are 1.5 years old! AND to top it off, she is due any day now with a baby girl...surprise this time:)!

2) PCOS and lost a tube with an ectopic pregnancy. First try, put back ONE embryo - has a beautiful 4 month old baby boy.

Those are the only 2 I know and they are both HUGE successes! I just KNOW this is gonna work for you girl! Keep up the hope, hun! The 2ww messes with your head, but try to not let it win:).

Chon said...

OMG how funny is Bridesmaids. I snorted - yes that's right snorted at the cinemas and Chippie laughed so hard he was crying. I, myself do not have a first time IVF success story but I know plenty so it does definitely work. One of my best friends, one perfect emby, Ants, a few girls from baby centre. You are not alone. This week sucks eggs. You can get through it. Lots of circle and bloom meditation really helped me. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!
I got pregnant on the first IVF attempt (after 6 unsuccessful IUIs). Just found out last week. You can read my blog at:
ANd yes, I did have cramps 3-4 days after the transfer!!!
Can't wait to hear the good news!