Sunday, August 14, 2011


FYI, there will be more posts like this to come during this 2ww :)

Cramps. I have cramps. And a part of me wants to think " YES! The baby(ies) are implanting...woo-hoo!"

And there's the other part of me that immediately wants to cry thinking it's AF coming :( I know progesterone usually delays AF anyways, but there have been a few times where AF has been such a bitch to me and has shown up....early...and while I was on progesterone! So I feel like I cannot confidently rule out AF right now. Anyone else have cramps 3-4 days after transfer????

I want to call the doctor tomorrow, but I know they will just try and fill me with hope saying " It could be implantation!" Because they can't tell me it's not AF, for sure. So why bother calling.

I've been googling the shit out of "cramping after transfer." And it really doesn't leave me feeling any better. And I've been having some back pain tonight...

Oh, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee let it be implantation :(


Sharyn said...

Could it be just discomfort from everything your ovaries have been through recently?

Might as well, can't dance... said...

I know nothing about IVF, but I hope you keep the faith and stay as positive as you can... As a nurse, I do know that sometimes Google is NOT your friend! Prayers and Blessings... I know this must be hell - the wait...

Marissa said...

Totally normal.

In fact, remember how I told you not to take Senna because you'd be cramping after transfer? See how SMART I was? :p

My RE likes cramping during the wait because it moves the embryos around, so they don't all try to implant in the exact same spot.


Jenny said...

cramping is totally normal...there's a lot of hormones in your body and lots of stuff going on in there :)

I heard it all the time and didn't listen but I'll tell you anyway...STAY AWAY FROM DR. GOOGLE because you WILL drive yourself mad. But like I said, I was no better.

Diana said...

Hey there lady bug! My computer was acting up so I'm slowly catching up on my blogs! Ahhhh how exciting!! Think positive. I know easier said than done. Omg that google can be so bad!! Try to stay away... It's gunna drive u crazy! I hope and pray these r implantation cramps. Just watch... Ur going to have amazing results! I know it :)

Big hugs!!!

(close... that... Google!!)

Amber said...

I didn't do IVF, but I had a ton of cramping the month I got pregnant with Paisley. SO much more than even a normal period. So, I say cramps can be a very good thing. :)

cgd said...

I am hoping and praying that this is a good sign. However, I want to give a heads up. I assume you are on PIO or some other form of high does progesterone. This will give several symptoms and because this is a pregnancy hormone, many of the symptoms will be similar to pregnancy. This is what sucks so much about the 2ww for me.
Hang in there. Hoping and praying for you

sunnyside up said...

I totally wish I could give you advice and words of wisdom from my own experience but we both know I'd be fibbing.
The only advice I can give you is that Dr. Google is the DEVIL!
Everything negative shows up when you are looking for a silver linning.
Kind of like the "magic 8 ball" for some reason when you know the answer you want it always says "Outlook not so good".

Google is the devil! Stay away from it, silly girl! :)

I'm totally hoping and wishing and praying for you! Not to mention sending you hugs!

ADSchill said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I know more than a couple people who had luck on their first try with IVF, including myself.

I paid double for a multi-cycle program because I didn't think I would luck out and get preggo on the first try. Well I transferred two back and now I am expecting twins!
I had cramps for about 4 days afer the transfer, nothing horrible, just felt like AF cramps. I tested 8 days past transfer and got a positive. But it drove me crazy because not only did I think it was a false positive but I wanted to know if one or both stuck! I have heard though, that you should be able to get a positive earlier if you have a multiple pregnancy because of the increased HCG.

Have faith. With three transferred you have given yourself a great chance!


Marissa said...

How're you doing, hon?